Dota 2: Riki Desolator Instead of Basher

We’re still watching the Dota 2 Kiev Major and its progress left us a bit speechless. We think there’s a new meta on the verge. It will come even sooner than you blink. Watching the game between IG and EG, we were able to see a Riki Desolator dealing an insane amount of damage. This Riki build was totally unexpected, but they’ve got the WIN thanks to him.

That being said, it seems like the IG players brought a new Dota 2 meta to all the public players. Everyone was just going for the Basher before today’s IG’s appearance. It also seems that IG prefers playing Riki, knowing that his abilities are really useful.

Dota 2 Riki Desolator

Dota 2 Riki Desolator Build

The hero build comes in this order:

  1. Power Treads
  2. Diffusal Blade
  3. Desolator

The Diffusal Blade will give you the chance to get those easy kills, especially in public matchmaking. The Desolator will give you the power of a true damage dealer and empower Riki by a lot. Let’s just remind what the Desolator Offers.

Dota 2 Desolator

Dota 2 Desolator

Getting that Armor Reduction by 7 is really important. Nowadays, it feels like the Unique Attack Modifier tag is not that important. So after this build, you can go for whatever you want, just make sure you avoid the Basher and go for the Desolator. By having the Desolator and maybe a dagger on Riki, that can result in lowering the Armor of a lot enemy players. Depends on the jump and the ultimate “Tricks of the Trade” usage you do. This will help your team in taking down their opponents a lot faster.

Well, until now, the Dota 2 Kiev Major has been full of excitement and a lot of new discoveries. What else, it’s their job because they are the pros out there. After the Monkey King and Spectre combo, the Riki meta has been discovered too. Does this mean that the Major will be full of new discoveries and crazy picks? Maybe we’ll find out a new Desolator build too? Time will tell.

Now, we can only sit back and relax and enjoy watching the games. Hopefully, this Dota 2 Riki Desolator Meta will change the opinion of a lot of players about the Desolator being bought on a few heroes. New Dota 2 Desolator builds incoming!

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