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HotS: The Butcher Build Guide – High DPS – Talents Included

It’s time for my favorite part of the day. Working hard and developing new guides is what I honestly love to do. We are going to continue creating this Heroes of the Storm guides and talents pickup for every hero. Now, it’s The Butcher’s time. The Butcher is a Melee Assassin, a dangerous one. He can quickly demolish any other Hero in the game if you have the right talents. Do not worry, that’s why we’re here to show you which abilities are the best to enhance.

The Butcher Build Guide

Let’s clear things up. This build is a single target DPS build without any cleave or anything else. It’s just a pure DPS build.

The Butcher Best Talents

The Butcher is a high DPS hero, and all he need is to gather the remains of the creeps around the map and buff his Trait, Fresh Meat. But what after he picks 125 of the pieces? Do not worry, that’s why The Butcher has this insane talent which comes on Level 1, Abattoir. Thanks to that talent, you’ll continue to boost your damage after killing enemy Heroes. Enough said, Let’s jump to the talents.

Levels 1 4 7
Talents Abattoir


 Unrelenting Pursuit

Unrelenting Pursuit

Insatiable Blade

Insatiable Blade

I do not believe there’s anything misunderstanding here. It’s straightforward. Abattoir gives you that Extra Damage as you move into mid-game late-game. However, you need to make sure you get those 125 Meat pieces ASAP. If you push fights all the time, The Butcher won’t be that effective. Because of that, make sure you just focus on getting all the Meat Pieces, and then it’s showtime.

Unrelenting Pursuit reduces the cooldown of Ruthless Onslaught which makes it more useful. There’s no other talent better than this one. Extra 33% cooldown reduction on a successful Ruthless Onslaught Collision is excellent.

Insatiable Blade increases The Butcher’s Durability and Survivability by Increasing Butcher’s Brand lifesteal.

Heroic Abilities

Furnace Blast or Lamb to the Slaughter

Furnace Blast                      Lamb to the Slaughter

I mean, you have to pick one of them. This depends on whether your team has decent CC heroes or not. If it doesn’t, then picking up Lamb to the Slaughter is alright. We said above that this build focuses on single target more likely than AOE and that’s why picking Lamb to the Slaughter is favored a bit more for me. However, if you think your team is good at CC, then you should go for Furnace Blast. Back to The Butcher and the build we make.

Levels 13 16 20
Talents Brutal Strike

Brutal Strike

Blood Frenzy

Blood Frenzy

Nexus Blades

Nexus Blades

Brutal Strike is always good to empower Butcher’s net 3 Basic attacks. It combines well as a combo with Ruthless Onslaught and Butcher’s Brand. Now you get the point, right?

Blood Frenzy will help you maintain that Attack and Movement Speed, so you can be on enemies tails. Nothing else to add to this. It’s simple, and always good to have it.

Nexus Blades is just a cherry on top of the cake, improving Butcher’s damage by 20% and also adding that spicy movement slow.

I think we’re finally done, tempered and exact on time, ready for making our next guide soon. Hopefully, this Butcher guide will help you win every game in Heroes of the Storm.

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