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heroes evolved coming in 2017

Heroes Evolved Shuts Down Their EU Server ‘Elysium’ on 30th of August

It’s going to be sad to see Heroes Evolved players departing from one of the EU servers. Elysium shall be shut down on 30th of August for a reason, and that is to improve the matchmaking experience. On the other side, Zakar’s Domain which appears to be North American server will be unaffected. The server closure will be painful to some players, but without any further regrets, they should be still able to enjoy the game.

heroes evolved coming in 2017

As a loyalty reward, R2games and Heroes Evolved will be refunding all the funds spent during the past three months. When that occurs, players will be notified both via Mail and in-game and is expected to happen from 18th to 29th of August.

R2Games will do further reviews about refunds applications. If you’re affected by the server closure, make sure you visit their official website for further instructions.



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