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Heroes Evolved Wolfram Build Guide

It’s time for some wolf action! Today, I will show you how to play Wolfram in Heroes Evolved and what build guide you need to get an MVP title. But before that, I have to let you know, this is one of my favorite heroes in the game.

He is with high physical damage and abilities, therefore the following guide will make you unbeatable. So, keep on reading and find out more.

Wolfram is a melee hero in Heroes Evolved with great abilities and stats. As a fighter, he uses 4 skills to make it harder for the enemies. One of those skills is passive and three are casters. Wolfram’s passive skill is Bloodthirst. This is a buff that increases his attack speed and damage.

Maul is one of his casters. He uses his claw to deal damage. But, if you hit only one target, the damage will increase for 150% followed by 1-second stun.

Hungry Charge is his next caster. You can use it to charge at an enemy dealing up to 350 damage. Sounds scary right?

His ult is Lupine Assault. This is a caster ability, which grants Wolfram to enter in a Wolf form for some time. Using his ult, Wolfram can go in 3 different states (this depends on skill lvl). There are Blackout, Tyranny and Bloodlust effects.

The Blackout effect grants Wolfram invisibility for 3 seconds. Tyranny increases his movement speed and deals an extra 150 dmg to the enemy who breaks Lupine Form. Bloodlust grants Wolfram HP and mana regeneration.

Here is the best way how to use Wolfram in battle. First, use his charge to get closer to an enemy. Then use his Maul and ult. Simple, right?

Wolfram Build Guide

As I have already mentioned above, it’s all about attack speed and damage. So, the following build guide will make you feel like a real wolf!

  • Boots of War – Adds damage, increases Wolfram’s attack speed and movement speed.
  • Shattering Spike – 36% of attacks and abilities goes as pure damage.
  • Hell Thorn – Reduces target’s armor.
  • Godly Cannon – Increases critical strike chance and damage.
  • Radiant Emperor – Goes perfectly with his ult.
  • Demonic Mask – Grants 20% lifesteal, increases Wolfram’s movement speed and reduces enemy’s movement speed.

wolfram build guide

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