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Heroes Evolved Venom Build Guide

Venom is a melee hero in Heroes Evolved with high physical damage and powerful abilities. To make him even stronger, you will need a perfect build guide. Therefore, I will make it easier for you.

First, I would like to focus on how to use Venom in battle. He is with 4 skills, 1 passive and 3 casters. His passive skill is Snake Venom. His sword is covered with venom granting the hero bonus attack and physical damage. Tooth for a Tooth is his first caster.

venom build guide

This ability grants him a shield that blocks enemy’s attack and does a counter attack to the enemy. At the same time, it slows their movement by 30%. His next caster is Shadow Blade. Venom jumps to a target, stuns them, deals physical dmg and slows their movement speed.

Serpent’s Strenght is Venom’s ult. This is a buff ability which increases his physical damage. Now, I will share the best way on how to use Venom in battle. First, use his Shadow Blade, then his shield and keep ult fo last. In this order, the enemy’s movement speed is reduced which makes them an easier target to eliminate.

Venom Build Guide

As a ganker, he needs a perfect gear set. For this reason I have the best build guide for Venom. Here are the best items for him.

  • Guardian Boots – Adds +50 armor, increases his movement speed and grants 70% chance to block damage.
  • Godly Cannon – Increases the critical strike chance and critical damage.
  • Executioner – Reduces abilities cd and grants 12% lifesteal.
  • Hell Thorn – Increases Venom’s damage. Also, reduces enemy’s armor by 30. A perfect item for a ganker.
  • Radiant Emperor – Radiance. This is a very powerful item for Venom. You will ask why? Well, as a ganker, you have to attack first every time. Then, all enemies will be near him, and with the help of radiance, they will be an easier target to eliminate.
  • Demonic Cowl – When passive, grants 25% lifesteal. When active, the physical lifesteal increases to 125%.

venom build guide

This build guide will definitely make you an MVP in each match. Good luck and have fun!

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