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Heroes Evolved Mikio Build Guide

Mikio is one of my favorite characters is Heroes Evolved. He is with high physical damage and very powerful abilities. Mikio is an easy hero to master in the game, so the following build guide will make things more interesting.

First, I would like to make a short guide on how to use his abilities in battle. Unlike other gankers, he is with 4 casters. None of them requires a lot of mana, so you can use them often.

mikio build guide

Mikio’s first caster is Kendo. He goes in Kendo stance, dealing extra physical damage on his next attack or spell. Skybreaker is his next caster. Mikio jumps at a specific area, deals physical dmg and slows enemies movement speed. His next caster is Earthshaker. He blinds enemies with the stone shards and deals physical damage as well.

Whirlwind is Mikio’s ult. He unleashes his sword, Ougi, at a specific direction and deals pure damage. Ougi will hit each enemy for 5 times. You might find the following guide very interesting. Use Kendo first, then his ult followed by Earthshaker and Skybreaker for “The End” :).

 Mikio Build Guide

Below you can find Mikio’s gear set. In order to get these items, you have to farm some time. It’s better to spend 5-10 mins farming, instead of just jumping in each battle and losing it. Here is my build guide for Mikio.

  • Bicolor Twin Swords – Mikio slows enemy’s attack speed and movement speed.
  • Guardian Boots – Increase his armor and gives 70% to block damage.
  • Shattering Spike – 36% damage goes into pure damage.
  • Demonic Mask – Grants 20% lifesteal, increases Mikio’s movement speed and reduces target’s movement speed.
  • Vengeful Deity – When passive, reflects 30% dmg. When active, summons a vengeful Deity and increases reflect 80%.
  • Ignios Blade – A great late game item. This item works perfectly only if the hero is with high agility pts, because when active it deals 250 + agility 2x magic damage. It also slows the target.

mikio build guide

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  1. Really wish this guide would go into more detail.. like early gameplay and strats, how to position in TFs, how to use your ult to deal damage/get out of trouble/wait on cooldowns/and reposition. Another good thing to know is how to combo early to snowball your lane against ranged casters. This is one of the more flexible heroes in the game and you haven’t touched on too much. I like your build, but Mikio is all about the out-play.. as long as your build is the standard recommended build or better you will be fine.

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