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Heroes Evolved Burninator Build Guide

Burninator is part of the melee heroes in Heroes Evolved with high physical and magical stats. It’s really hard to choose the best items for him, but I’ve used my imagination, tried different build guides, and I think I got the right one.

Before I start with the gear set, I would like to focus on his abilities first. Burninator is using 4 skills to eliminate enemies. One of them is his passive Hellfire. He creates a fire which deals magic damage and extra damage based on his max HP. At the same time, he gets bonus HP regeneration. His second passive skill is Fel Bargain, which is his ult. This is a buff that increases his HP and Spell resist, but his attack speed it’s reduced.

burninator build guide

Burninator’s casters are Fist of Hell and Hellish Stomp. The first one is a physical ability that deals physical damage and slows enemy’s movement speed. The second is a magic skill. Burninator jumps at a target area, deals magic damage and stuns the enemies for some time.

You don’t need any special “How to use Burninator skills” guide, but here is my way of using him in a battle. First, I use his magic ability, then his physical. I’m saying this because after the use of his magic ability, he needs some time to get back together. It’s about 0.75 seconds, but still enough time to receive a lot of damage from the enemies. Don’t worry about his HPm just get the items from the following build guide and you are all set.

Burninator Build Guide

The following items increase Burninator’s damage, spell power and HP. This is a great gear set for me. If you have or use any other, and you think is better, please let me know in comments below.

burninator build guide

  • Shattering Spike – 36% of attacks and physical abilities goes into pure damage.
  • Boots of Inspiration – Increase Burninator’s spell power and movement speed. Also, reduces abilities cd.
  • Wand of Celerity – Part of magical gear which increases his spell power, HP regeneration, and mana regeneration. Also, reduces abilities cd.
  • Crystal Scepter – Using abilities will slow the enemy’s movement speed.
  • Mace of Judgement – Burninator slows the enemy’s movement speed. Also, after you cast a spell, the next basic attack will get extra 125% damage.
  • Demonic Mask – Grants lifesteal. Each attack will increase Burninator’s movement speed and reduce enemy’s.

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  1. Need to start including Jewel setups for heroes. They make a huge difference in which way the build will excel at.

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