TOP 3 Current SMITE Solo Laners

SMITE’s split is nearing its end. It has been a bad period for tanks, especially solo laners, to the point where every damage based God could be viable against Warriors. Unlike the past few seasons, Solo Laners have been going for a more hybrid-like build, rather than just the usual defense. Items like Soul Eater, Transcendence, and The Crusher have been favored by warriors instead. The reason for going damage items is because other items like Ring of Hecate, Serrated Edge, Heartseeker, and Spear of the Magus have been shredding tanks without a problem, so going defense isn’t the most efficient go-to. Here is SMITE’s 3 Top Current Solo Laners:

3. King Arthur

King Arthur has been in the meta ever since he was released. He is one of the most mobile and highest damaging Warriors, making him one of the game’s biggest lane bullies. Arthur has good poke, great sustain (thanks to items like Soul Eater and Stone of Gaia which work wonders on him), serious damage, high CC, and great survivability. Unlike most Gods in the game who have 4 abilities, Arthur has a total of 8 different abilities, making him an extremely good God for soloing other Gods. King Arthur is really good against almost all comps in the Solo Lane. He gets countered by antiheal and stuns, so Gods like Sobek with built-in antiheal and stun are really good against Arthur.

2. Amaterasu

Amaterasu is one of the safest Solo Lane picks in the game. She is mobile, has a built-in heal, excellent wave clear, and one of the best team-fight ultimates for a Warrior. During the late game, Amaterasu is amazing for engaging, team-fights, and like Arthur, she has great sustain and survivability. However, unlike Arthur, Amaterasu doesn’t get countered that much by anti-heal and she’ll almost always win the early game. Overall, Amaterasu is much more beneficial to the team.

1. Cthulhu

Cthulhu is most likely the best Solo Laner in the game. Unlike Amaterasu and Arthur, Cthulhu is a Guardian, meaning he’s already tankier than both of them. Cthulhu has one of the best clears during the entire laning phase, has amazing damage, excellent CC, an escape ability and maybe the best ultimate in the game. He’s the best lane bully in the game, and even if he gets defeated in the early game, he can still bounce back late. His ultimate makes him big and gives him new abilities, including a heal, knock up, and a fear, it increases his max HP, and is essential for taking Phoenixes late game. He has barely any counters. But, Cthulhu doesn’t have good sustain, so he will find trouble against high sustain Gods – most notably, healers.

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