Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Blood Orchid is Coming Out Today

After the end of Operation Health, as promised, it’s time for a Brand New Operation to come, and that is Operation Blood Orchid. Operation Blood Orchid will include three new Operators. We had a chance to watch them in action at this year’s PAX WEST, right before the release of the newest Rainbow Six Siege Operation. Season 3 should be full of surprises. Let’s hope the outcome will please all the Rainbow Six Siege’s fans the way they want.

For those who missed the Blood Orchid Gameplay you can watch it below:

If we recall to the past, the new addition of three new Operators was promised, because Operation Health did not include any. Thank god Ubisoft is delivering what they’ve promised. Knowing the Rainbow Six Siege community, no one was ever going to be pleased if they’ve decided to add two instead of three new Operators in Blood Orchid.

Three new Operators, New Map

So, Ying, Lesion and the beautiful Ela Bosak is the big three coming to Rainbow Six Siege, today. However, their Special Abilities just doesn’t seem that exciting and inventive. What’s cool is that now Echo’s dizziness can be countered easily with Ying. Knowing the fact that the Candela device can be anchored on surfaces like Fuze’s Cluster Charge, a lot of tactics are going to build upon that.

Lesion’s Unique Ability stands out by far. Placing the Gu mines in sneaky spots could be very painful for the enemies. Knowing that they’re tough to dodge unless you have IQ on your team, they can be disastrous. Even if he begins with only 2 Gu mines, he can place a lot of them as they continuously recharge. The time is on Lesion’s side, so the Attacking team will have no chance except to execute their tactics fast.

Ela Bosak’s ability to cause dizziness in enemies doesn’t stand out. We already have Echo on the defensive line that owns this kind of Unique Ability, and I can only see Ela’s ability as a replica to what we already have. So it will be useless to have them both on the same team. I hope that I am wrong after the patch gets deployed.

What I am most excited for is the new Map, Theme Park. Having a new map is always good. Not just in Rainbow Six Siege, but in every other game. Getting new content to the game is always good, plus the addition of the new and Upgraded Servers in Operation Blood Orchid. Can’t wait to try them out.

The patch should apply as we speak for all the PC users, so It’s time to roll.

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