The First Call of Duty’s Blackout Battle Royale Trailer Showcases lots of Mechanics

It seems that Treyarch has been trying very hard to bring a new type of Battle Royale game mode within the genre. The Battle Royale genre itself has been growing quite a lot, having the most successful outcome during this period. So, Treyarch’s response with their newest Blackout Trailer, which is the Call of Duty’s Battle Royale mode, has managed to raise positive feedback.

The Blackout mode was confirmed during E3 and before the first look of the Black Ops 4. After the recent reveal of the Battle Royale map and concluded as the biggest one created ever in the Black Ops series, it was about time to crown all the work with a nice piece of video material.

Well, we haven’t seen anything else regarding Blackout until Treyarch released the new trailer for the game. ATV’s, Helicopters, Boats, there is everything needed to travel a long distance. However, one thing remains strange, and that is the appearance of Zombies in the trailer. It appears that we’ll have an army of undead running swirling around the world, preventing the players to easily look at the areas and find themselves with a decent gear.

They are most likely to be part of the death zone itself, which will most likely prevent you from staying too long in it. However, it is expected the zombies not to be able to enter the safe zone area. We still haven’t gotten any chance to experience the game mode itself, but will have a chance as soon as the Private Beta launches. With that being said, the Blackout private beta will begin as soon as Battlefield V’s beta ends on September 10.

The Black Ops 4 will be released on October 12th, which is supposed to gather lots of players within its storm. It may be a reason why EA DICE has postponed their game to a later date, which in terms may help them build the hype and avoid crowded periods in which Red Dead Redemption 2 also takes place in.

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