New Pokemon ‘891’ Found in Pokemon Go Data by Chrales (Update)

Update 9/25/2018: The Pokemon company confirms Pokemon #891 is a brand new species, not just a placeholder. Does this mean Gen 4?

Update 9/22/2018: The new Pokemon 891 a.k.a Nutto, started to spawn in Pokemon Go (worldwide) and every time a player catches one it turns into Ditto. We’re still investigating the reason behind all of this, so as soon as we have new info, you’ll be the first to know.

Update: Chrales is live on Twitch with more details regarding the new #891 Pokemon. Take a look below.

Watch live video from Chrales on www.twitch.tvPrevious Story: The world-famous Pokemon Go dataminer Chrales has found new assets of Gen 8 Pokemon with ID 891 in the in-game data, two months before the release of Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee.

You might ask what is the connection between these two games and the new Pokemon 891? Well, I got the answer for you.

As most of us know, the Pokemon world is getting a brand new Switch game on November 16 – Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!. The game can be played on both Nintendo Switch and smartphone, allowing players to switch Pokemon from Let’s Go to Pokemon Go whenever you like. Sounds great, right?

But that’s not the coolest part, the coolest part is the new Pokemon, one completely new, never seen in the series before, is making its way on both Switch and smartphone title.

The new Pokemon has been confirmed on the official Let’s Go trailer (see below) and by Niantic’s head of Europen marketing Anne Beuttenmuller in an interview on August 5. She also confirmed that the company is working on a new PvP mode and they expect to launch it at the end of 2018.

But let’s talk about the ‘New Pokemon 891’ found by Chrales and posted on his Twitter account.

Yes, I know, you might say, hey it says New Kecleon Items, but obviously, that was an ‘error’ as unity files are tagged with Pokemon 891.

pokemon go let's go new pokemon 891

But why Pokemon 891?

Here is an explanation, thanks to PokemonGoHub

The current national pokedex up to Ultra Sun and Moon sits at 807, ending with the recent Mythical Zeraora. And as you can see, it is labeled with a tag of 891, 84 entries above the known maximum. This coupled with the fact that in the Let’s Go announcements, it was stated that Let’s Go would only feature 1 new Pokemon, that can also carry over to Pokemon GO, and that has also never been seen in any game up to the recent Ultra Sun and Moon Generation 7 games.

We think that this could be the exclusive gift Pokemon when a player pair Let’s Go and Pokemon Go, but we still don’t have a name for it or what type it would be.

Do you care to be the Godfather of the new Pokemon? What would you name it?

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