The Division 2’s Dark Zones finally revealed, PVP as the strongest side of the game

Ubisoft has finally revealed the secrets behind the PVP gameplay in The Division 2, and the concept of it, considered to be one of the best ever created in an RPG video game such as this one. Dark Zones, Conflict and other PVP game modes are up to empower The Division 2.

Seriously, if you’re asking me, this is how it should’ve been in the first place. At first, there were multiple tries to develop the best possible PVP and PVE scenario in The Division, the first series in the franchise. Most of them failed, in which after the 1.4 update everything started to turn around towards a better place.

Back in the days, the update was classified as the best update ever, and each consecutive update after 1.4, up to the 1.8 seemed to be just on point together with the “Loadouts Update”, which is one of the reasons to expect that The Division 2 will slam the competition of RPG’s and set new heights in the RPG genre.

Recently, we have been blessed with new PVP gameplay footage, showcasing the new Dark Zones in The Division 2. The very best PVP concept ever introduced in a video game. A Dark Zone in which no one can be trusted. A Dark Zone in which alliances break. A Dark Zone in which an agent who is fighting for a better tomorrow listens to his senses… and eventually goes ROGUE.

However, there’s an issue. There may be three different dark zones, but each one of them will only support up to 12 concurrent players, which at the end of the day, is not that exciting. The lower number of players per Dark Zone may incentivize a solo or duo play but will surely hurt the PVP as a whole. It is like three teams of 4 players, nothing more, nothing less. It is not the same as in the original version where 24 players had the chance to fight in only one dark zone. Not that the number was high, but in any case had more players than the current ones. You know how they say, more players equal more fun, which it doesn’t necessarily mean.

Down go my hope for distinct Solo, Duo and Squad based Dark Zone. Nevertheless, we’re still talking about my favorite video game, The Division, for which I’ll most likely invest countless hours in playing.

But, this will probably develop in a good way. Knowing the issues from The Division, there is most likely to be fast travel feature between all three Dark Zones, which will allow players to change pace and remain untraceable.

What we’re looking forward is the Occupied Dark Zones. New sort of Dark Zones that will allow players to grab an edgy loot, and has no indicators on who’s who, including the rogues. This Dark Zones will have friendly fire enabled, so in this scenario, you’ll need to go with a highly trusted group in order to complete your run successfully.

More about this can be found in the video footage below:

In other news, there will be more PVP game modes than the Dark Zone itself, and one of them is the Conflict game mode. The Conflict game mode will put 4v4 players to measure their strength by fighting against each other. Each of the PVP sessions will be quite rewarding, thus players will have a versatile choice of game modes to retain a good amount of entertainment.

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