Escape From Tarkov: New Batch of Barter, Survival Items and Grenade Case Inbound

As we all know, Battlestate Games is working on new items in Escape From Tarkov. Things that were supposed to help the players both in and out of the game. Speaking of barter items, at their initial release, they will be there for trading purposes. The most important addition in the next series of items is the grenade box, helping players stash their grenades appropriately.

The barter items are here to open new trade offers, including a possibility to craft something Hideout. But now that BSG brings different fabric in the game, I wouldn’t be surprised if we can finally get to make wipers to keep the blood remains off of our Visor (without spamming the inventory button).

Within a tweet, Battlestate Games posted their second showcase, after the latest stream on Twitch. The iteration below exhibitions how the items look and how much inventory space they take. One of the most anticipated storage items ever, the Grenade Box, will take 3×3 of space. End-game “Labs” grinders will finally have a purpose to keep hold of all of the grenades collected.

So, as you can see in the image below, Aramid, Fleece, Ripstop, and Cordura fabrics are showcased, pipe cleaner, the new hemostatic syringe, and more.

All of these items were showcased before ten days on Battlestate Games’ official Twitch Channel.

Angel Kicevski

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