Anthem Rework is Still Ongoing, Small Number of Developers Trying To Save The Title

Anthem hasn’t brought anything but a disappointment. For that reason, BioWare did not have anything else to do but to announce some kind of Anthem renovation. Yes, the title is most definitely being reworked, as rumors have previously covered the same story as potentiality. But, will they be able to accomplish their mission with only 30-ish developers?

According to the most recent blog update by BioWare, 30 developers are currently working on the project, or more so, are throughout an incubation process. The incubation process means that the developer team is entering an experimental phase, which should designate and improve the game itself. In other words, an overhaul?

That is, bending failures to meet player demands is BioWare’s priority, but would they accomplish that any time soon? According to the words of Christian, the Studio Director for BioWare Austin office, he capitalized NEXT, which could’ve given a hint on the reworked title. There was also a probability that the rework would be titled as Anthem NEXT.

My name is Christian, and I am the Studio Director for the BioWare Austin office that is leading the production of what we are exploring NEXT for Anthem. NICE TO MEET YOU!

Furthermore, Christian also stated that the game is being well taken care of, and the next changes for Anthem are assumed to be exciting, conducive, and conceptive.

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