New Mass Effect Game May Be a Long Wait, Possibly Until 2029

Fans of the Mass Effect series may have to settle in for a long wait. According to Jeff Grubb (via Insider-Gaming), a familiar face in the gaming news arena, the next installment of the Mass Effect franchise could possibly not hit shelves until 2029.

This speculation comes off the back of BioWare’s current project, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. Fans have been holding their breath since its announcement in 2018. But despite a stream of teasers, there’s no game to play yet. Even worse, it’s been delayed again, with a new release date hanging in the air, potentially next year.

So, what’s this got to do with Mass Effect? Well, if Dragon Age, which was introduced to us four years ago, is still in the works, it sets a rather slow precedent for BioWare’s production cycle. That’s the thread Grubb is pulling at when he says the next Mass Effect game is following a similar timeline.

On ‘N7 Day’, the annual nod to Mass Effect’s in-game universe, fans were hoping for something tangible. Instead, they were left piecing together hints and what-ifs. Sure, there was excitement, community spirit, and a nod to the beloved series. But concrete details? Not so much.

If Grubb’s predictions are accurate, then the math isn’t tough – we’re looking at a six-year wait if BioWare’s pace with Dragon Age is anything to go by.

Fans might be asking: Why so long? Developing a game is no small feat, and BioWare isn’t one to rush out an unfinished product. They’re known for rich, detailed worlds and complex storylines. Quality like that takes time.

Still, six years feels like quite the stretch. In the video game industry, where a year can bring massive technological changes, one can only wonder what this means for the final product. Will BioWare be able to keep the hype alive for that long? Or will fans move on to other galaxies?

While Grubb has sparked a conversation with his claims, we should remember these are still speculative. BioWare hasn’t given any official timeline for the new Mass Effect game. But it’s clear from the Dragon Age saga that patience will be a virtue for fans of their games.

If the past is anything to go by, BioWare might take its time, but it delivers experiences that resonate with fans for years. Here’s to hoping the new Mass Effect will be worth the wait and live up to its name whenever it decides to land.

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