CoD: Modern Warfare’s MP5 Secretly Tweaked

CoD: Warzone and Modern Warfare pretty much share the same group of weapons and calibers. Those weapons are sometimes being tweaked to represent a fairer playground and balance. However, some of them tend to remain stealth and pass by without official notice.

Thanks to Warzone’s more significant player base, it is now easier to notice if any change is performed, mostly if that change is done under the radar. If these changes relate to some buff or nerf done to some weapons, players are quickly getting frustrated.

Well, the MP5 is one of the weapons that has undergone recent changes. Changes that were stealthily performed by Infinity Ward, without noticing the community before its tinkering. Skrapz, the professional COD player felt like there’s something wrong with it, but couldn’t catch exactly what. It seems that MP5’s zoom ratio is higher than before, which possibly contributes to lousier recoil.

Skrapz posted on his Twitter profile that the MP5 feels different. Other users responded with two images from yesterday and today, which allowed everyone to conclude that the feel and look of MP5 is slightly different.

The MP5 differs from yesterday’s one and has a different and zoomed-in perspective. Previously, the MP5 and its iron sights allowed players to laser beam targets in specific scenarios. Now, the target (if distant) is somewhat harder to hit, and that is due to the iron sights gap caused by the slight model approach.

At the moment, all of the players consider this change as a nerf. Some others claim that the recoil pattern has also been addressed, while others believe it is caused due to the slight zoom-in.

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