Pokemon Fan Makes the Cutest Crochet Pokemon

Pokemon lovers, over the years we have seen many cool and interesting fan-made projects, such as the guy who spent 6 days curving all 151 Pokemon into pumpkins, then the guy who spent $1,650 to build life-sized Pokemon out of LEGO, the Dark Edition Pokemon trailer and the latest project we’ve discovered is the crochet Pokemon. Yes, that’s right, crochet Pokemon do exist and they’re mesmerizing!

The crocheting skills that you’re about to see, are the work of Angelique Grimm.

There are so many crochet Pokemon, even shiny forms, that you will instantly fall in love with. Well, to be honest, I did and I reached out to the crochet-Pokemon master to find out more, and trust me, you would love to hear the story.

Hello, Angie. I’ve seen your master-pieces and before digging deeper, I would like to hear more about you. What’s your name, where are you from, what you do for a living and where did you get the idea to start making crochet Pokemon?

My name is Angelique, I am from Germany and work as a police officer.

In April of this year, I was stuck in quarantine because I was infected with Covid-19. I did not know what to do with my time so I started looking up on the internet what I can do. This was the reason I started learning crocheting. One girl on Facebook who crocheted donkeys inspired me.

I am a huge gaming fan and I love Pokemon so I decided to crochet them.

The crochet Pokemon I’ve seen on your official Instagram account are amazing. I bet it takes a lot of time to make one and a lot of skills. Can you please tell us when did you start making crochet Pokemon, do you sell them, how many crochet Pokemon you’ve made so far, and how much time it takes to make one?

Due to the fact I only started in April, I am still not very fast. A Pokemon takes me about 8-10 hours. That leads to the next question. No, I don’t sell them. The work behind my Pokemon is so long. In my opinion, it’s not a cuddle toy. It’s art. So if I sell them one day they won’t be cheap 😁.

So far I made Vileplume, Shiny Vileplume, Snorlax, a green (special shiny😁) Snorlax, Psyduck, Tangela, Clefairy, and Oddish. Right now I am working on a Vulpix.

I made some other amigurumis (this is what crocheted plushies are called) too.

And last, do you have a favorite crochet design from your collection?

Yes, I do, and that’s the Among Us design.

Those crocheting skills are out of this world, right? If you want to see more, feel free to check Angie’s Instagram account here and here.

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