Dying Light 2 Best Early Game Perks and Upgrades

Inhibitor upgrades are quite important, but perks make the big difference.

After a no sleep session of ~20 hours, I have managed to finish the Dying Light 2’s main story, but without having the opportunity to choose the right perks since the get-go. I had some struggles when it comes to Parkour vs. Combat, and I decided to delve in and post five perks of each category that is somewhat demanding for early-game. If I failed, that doesn’t mean you need to.

On the opposite side, your Inhibitor upgrades should always be 1 to 1, favoring Stamina first. A solid amount of Stamina is mandatory for getting up on high places without being swarmed by zombies, and also for unlocking Windmill Safe Zones too, or other high-demanding parkour activities.

Dying Light 5 Best Early Game Combat and Parkour Perks

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the five best early game perks you can get in Dying Light 2. These 5 represent a strong balance between parkour and combat and should suit well in most situations. If you’re a passionate parkour runner or a crazily skilled combatant, make sure not to miss these. We’ll not include the starting point, High Jump, and Vault Kick.

Combat Points

  • Air KickWhen dropping onto enemies from above, nail them with a power kick.
    • Can be used to knock enemies out of platforms leading to insta death.
  • Perfect DodgeDodge at just the right time to STAGGER your enemy.
    • Can be followed by Vault Kick if there are multiple enemies (at least two).
  • Perfect ParryPerform a perfect block to STAGGER your enemy for longer trigger and slo-mo effect that allows additional follow-up actions to be executed more easily.
    • Can be paired with Vault Kick as well.
  • Drop Kick Perform a powerful kick while jumping.
    • It deals insane damage and can knock enemies off platforms.
  • Vault Power KickAdd force to your Vault Kick and send enemies flying.
    • This upgrades your Vault Kick and it’s quite good for rooftop fights.

Parkour Points

  • Active Landing Reduce fall damage and keep your momentum.
    • During early game, you will fall a lot considering your low levels of Stamina and Short jumps. You will be quite vulnerable to that, so having this is a life savior and a must.
  • Safe Landing Increases the height from which you can land without taking any damage.
    • Empowers the Active landing and makes it even safer.
  • Firm Grip – Make the last climb on Ledges even when your stamina is gone and briefly maintain your grip when you land on Ledges from gear heights.
    • Very important on quests that ask you to reach extreme heights. You will notice its difference.
  • Fast Climb – Move faster on Ledges when moving up and to either side.
    • It allows you to reach extreme heights faster, sustaining your stamina levels even better.
  • Dart Temporarily increases your movement speed, which allows you to jump across wider gaps, reach higher ledges or run longer on walls.
    • Covering long distances might be key factor sometimes, especially over night when the streets are swarmed with infected.

Once you get past this point and you unlock more upgrades, you can go with whatever you want to go. Once you head to precincts with a bigger distance between objects, getting the Enemy Jump, Sleek Runner, and Crowd Runner might be a good addition on the Parkour side, while for Combat, it’s whatever, most of the fights you’ll just dodge and slash.

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