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New and More Effective Way of Farming Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark?

Are you doing your Chaos Dungeon runs properly?

We’ve been talking about some of the most effective ways of farming Chaos Dungeons, but there might be a new one that has overtaken the effectiveness of the previous. Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark are essential, as they not only give you plenty of honing mats for the first two runs of the day but instead give you Shards that can be used for trading and getting even more mats from the Exchange Chaos Dungeon Shard vendor.

The New and Most Effective way of doing Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark

Recently, a YouTuber named Mattjestic Life has released a new video explaining the new Chaos Dungeon farming method. According to him, everyone can farm Chaos Dungeons more effectively. Before you continue reading, keep in mind that these runs are not acclaimed for the first two runs of the day. Those should be cleared completely.

According to him, doing only the first two phases of the Chaos Dungeons without entering the third (except if it’s a secret portal) is way more beneficial than entering the third. After killing the final boss in the second portal, don’t take the third one, leave, and re-queue. Doing this solo is much faster than doing it in a group with other players.

He also claimed that this would give you a chance to get more secret rooms because you would run the dungeons faster. We have tried the same method, and it really feels faster, but it doesn’t give you a solid amount of shards. However, it gives you more T3 mats, which then you may replace for the ones that are not bound to you, and make profit by selling them on the auction house.

Judging by the experiment, if you’re fishing solely for Shard of Purification, you shouldn’t be doing this at all and stick to the old farm. However, If you’re interested in getting more mats, hence converting it to a gold, then this method is what you want to do:

This is most probably going to be fixed by Amazon Games by putting a timeout between queues. However, we would have to wait and see if the given information is credible or not. In the meantime, I tend to stick to my long runs without getting stuck on the loading screen and just queue once I am done (that time is not accounted for in the video too). It’s not that big of a difference in time, and sooner or later, you will hit the secret portal.

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