The Division Heartland Closed Beta Test Starts on June 27

Ubisoft is set to enter the next phase in developing their upcoming free-to-play title, Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland, by introducing an exclusive closed beta test starting on June 27.

This closed beta test, however, comes with a catch. It is PC exclusive and available only for players in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Ubisoft is set on optimizing the game’s performance and tweaking its mechanics based on the invaluable feedback from this select group.

Heartland stands as the latest installment in the critically acclaimed Division franchise. Set in the mysterious rural town of Silver Creek, the game adds an intriguing survival-action shooter element to its already engrossing PvEvP focus. Players will get to explore the town, completing various missions by day. When night falls, they will face the unique challenge of surviving against dynamically moving contamination, hostile enemy factions, and aggressive player squads.

However, participants of this beta test should be aware that it falls under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This means they won’t be able to stream gameplay live, upload footage or images, or discuss the game’s content. Ubisoft is ensuring a lid on the game’s specifics until its official release, maintaining an air of anticipation and surprise.

For those who haven’t yet registered but are keen on being part of this beta test, head over to and sign up. This closed beta test offers an exclusive opportunity to become an early part of the Heartland journey, helping to shape the game while experiencing its exciting new gameplay mechanics first-hand.

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