I’ve Become Lilith’s Doom, and I’m Super Happy About It!

I have the right to flex, right?

Silence is Hellish! I might be an editor, but I am also an avid gamer who spent three days in grueling but rewarding gaming sessions. My achievement? I’ve successfully slain Uber Lilith, the pinnacle boss of Diablo 4, at the toughest difficulty. A feat accomplished not by many (around 1% of its players, as many say) worldwide. Today, I’ll share my journey, insights, and tactics for overcoming this brutal encounter.

After Dying in Hardcore on three characters on Lvl 74, 25, and 94 (due to lag on this one), I have failed to qualify among the top 1000 players in the world. That’s when I got pissed and said, ok, I am getting a rogue to 100 ASAP and tackling the Echo of Lilith as soon as possible.

Yes, I might’ve played the rogue with poison build, but it was the only way to allow me to push her that fast to 0 HP. I was not using the Lucky Hit gloves that stagger the hell out of her. In the meantime, I will start progressing Lilith without a poison build and see the outcome. Now let’s see what happens throughout the fight.

Diablo 4’s last and final boss, Uber Lilith is no joke. Understanding her is the first step toward victory. Her health and stagger bars are key indicators of the fight’s progress. With three breakpoints in her health bar – signifying 75%, 50%, and 25% HP, respectively – each fight stage triggers a change in her attack patterns. As for the stagger bar, it’s a precious window of opportunity. Filling it stuns Lilith, leaving her vulnerable to your onslaught.

To withstand Lilith’s onslaught, preparation is key. Using elixirs like can be game-changing, enhancing your character’s resource pool and reducing the cost of your core skills, or grant you Lucky-hit or maybe Attack speed. Whatever you feel missing can be enhanced by using these elixirs, so don’t forget about them. However, I’d suggest you don’t burn your mats before you hit mid-phase of phase 2 constantly.

Once Lilith’s health is fully depleted in Stage 1, she dissolves into a blood pool, only to emerge even stronger. Stage 2 introduces new mechanics: her basic attack changes, Blood Puddles spawn fiery souls (they are one SHOT, at least to rogues), and sections of the fighting platform is destroyed. However, this stage’s most chilling ability is Lilith’s Enraged Triangular Slash Attack, which creates a clone to deal even more damage. With the addition of her Whirlwind Strike, which pulls you in and hits hard, the challenge reaches its peak.

But, thanks to the poison build, which is probably the strongest single-target DPS, it allowed me to skip a lot of the second-phase mechanics and needed to dodge things out.

Victory against Lilith is no easy feat. It requires meticulous planning, patience, and a mastery of your character’s abilities. But most importantly, it requires dedication. The key to success lies in understanding Lilith’s mechanics and responding appropriately, whether dodging a wave attack, choosing when to stagger her (which removes two blood puddles that spawn fiery souls), or baiting and destroying one existing blood puddle (probably the most important thing in the fight). All of the above applies if you cannot stagger her at the exact timing and basically annihilate her.

Below you can find the video of me killing her (it happened a couple of days ago):

Beating Lilith was a thrilling experience, a test of skill and endurance that pushed me to my limits. Standing victorious against Diablo 4’s most challenging boss is a triumph I’ll always cherish. I hope this can motivate you on your journey to becoming Lilith’s Doom (a title you’re getting for defeating her). Remember, every failure is a step towards success, and with perseverance, you too can join the elite ranks of Uber Lilith slayers. Good luck!

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