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Pokémon GO Shadow Raids to be happening daily, Shadow Zapdos, and its Shiny variant available during weekends

Hey, if you thought Pokémon GO couldn’t get any more exciting, brace yourselves. The Adventures Abound Season is leveling up in the most electrifying way – say hello to Shadow Zapdos. That’s right, this legendary Pokémon is swooping into the game with a shiny, darker twist.

So what’s the deal with these Shadow Raids? Well, Team GO Rocket has stepped up their game. They’re no longer content with just hanging around PokéStops. They’re taking over Gyms now, and bringing a new level of difficulty and engagement with Shadow Raids.

You’ll find these Shadow Raids in 1-Star, 3-Star, and 5-Star difficulties. But here’s the kicker, folks: the legendary Pokémon like the new, upcoming Shiny Shadow Zapdos will only appear in 5-Star Shadow Raids. So, if you’re after that blinged-out bird, you’ll need to bring your A-game for the 5-Star Raids.

Now, let’s talk bosses. In these Shadow Raids, you’re up against a Shadow Pokémon boss, placed there by Team GO Rocket to make your life just that little bit harder. If you’re going toe-to-toe with a 3-Star or 5-Star boss, prepare for a showdown – they get angrier as you battle them, upping their attack and defense stats. It’s tough, but that’s what makes it thrilling.

But don’t worry, you’re not going in empty-handed. You’ve got something called Purified Gems to back you up. These can be created by forging Shadow Shards, and using one of these gems during the raid will weaken the enraged Shadow Pokémon boss. It’s your secret weapon to turn the tide in your favor.

A couple of quick heads-up: you can’t join these Shadow Raids with Remote Raid Passes, and there are no team bonuses for Premier Balls. Oh, and the IV floor? It’s a unique 6/6/6, not the 10/10/10 we’re used to. So keep that in mind.

As for the timing, one-star and three-star Shadow Raids are a daily affair. But for the really good stuff – the 5-Star Raids featuring our electric friend Shadow Zapdos – those are weekend specials. And if the stars align, you might even get to catch a Shiny Shadow Zapdos.

So there it is. The Adventures Abound Season just got a lot more adventurous, and potentially shinier. Time to assemble your team, Trainers. This season is going to be absolutely electrifying.

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