Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Complete Edition Launches on February 7

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is rolling out its Complete Edition on February 7, packed with everything you could wish for.

You’re not just getting the original game, which is awesome by itself, but you’re also getting a treasure trove of extras. We’re talking about three additional story chapters: Battle of Zhongyuan, Conqueror of Jiangdong, and Upheaval in Jingxiang. Each one adds more depth and drama to the already rich storyline.

How about strutting around in some exclusive DLC armor sets? We’ve got the Qinglong, Zhuque, and Baihu sets, each cooler than the last. And for those who love a good strategic advantage, there’s the Shiji item. This nifty little thing will reveal all those flag locations on your mini-map, making your quest for dominance much easier.

And for you early birds, there’s a sweet deal waiting. If you grab the game between February 2nd and February 29th, you’ll get the Genbu War Armor Set free. It’s like the cherry on top of an already delicious gaming sundae.

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