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Mobile Legends: Alpha Build Guide

alpha build guide

With the new patch 1.1.50, Mobile Legends is bringing us a new hero, Alpha. He is a very effective hero, and with the following item build, Alpha is unbeatable. Alpha is a creation of biological material and space meteorolite. The …

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Mobile Legends Eudora Build Guide

eudora build guide

As promised, today I will make a build guide for Eudora. So hold on the Thunder and find out more about Eudora’s gear below. She is a Mage hero, that uses her Thunder powers to eliminate enemies. Even when she …

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Mobile Legends Christmas Event

Christmas is coming for all the Mobile Legends players as well. To celebrate Christmas, the developers have some surprise ready for us! They are giving great rewards, such as BP, Avatar, Random Emblems Fragment Packs and skins. The event starts today …

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Mobile Legends Nana Build Guide

nana build guide

Nana is also known as the Feline Wizard in Mobile Legends. She is a Mage hero that deals a lot of magic damage to slay her enemies. Below you can see the build guide I’ve made, which will definitely help …

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Mobile Legends Bane Build Guide

bane build guide

Bane or the Lord of Seven Seas is a hero in Mobile Legends with low physical attack and attack speed. The following gear build guide will give him additional damage and speed. I suppose many of you have played with Bane …

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