Yet Another Paladins Androxus Build: CRAZYANDRO

Well, when it comes down to my favorite Paladins Champion, Androxus, I must deliver only good things. Nothing else is acceptable. This is why I made this Androxus CRAZYANDRO Build (loadout). If you ask me what kind of builds and cards I am using with Androxus I can only say there are not much. I use only 2 of them while rotating the cards whenever the patch changes. Posting this new Paladins Androxus Build meta should make you love Androxus more than ever.

In the end of this Paladins build article, we are going to post videos of the gameplay by using our Androxus CRAZYANDRO build. So make sure you stick and read carefully. What is going to differ from our first CRAZYANDRO build is that one card is changed.

I hate to repeat this sentence all over again, but I want to let you know that this build does not include any ingame purchases because those need to be built according to the enemy team.

Paladins Androxus CRAZYANDRO Build Cards:

Card Abyss Walker: 4 points

This card should make your Androxus be a lot stronger against ticking damage, let’s say damage like Skye’s Poison Bolts or any of the Cauterize or Heal Reduction ticking damage. While activating Reversal, you might not survive through its duration and you can instantly use Nether Step to heal yourself really fast. Now you probably know what I’m thinking of.

Card Seething Hatred: 2 points

Hitting an enemy reduces the cooldown of Androxus Reversal by 1 second. It’s a nice boost when it comes down to surviving. We all understand this card right? This card is mostly used among players that use different loadouts using the Equivalent Exchange card. However, I do not like that build at all. Believe me, this one has a lot better skills rotation than any other Androxus Build. Plus, it can make you have perma Nether Step by using the next following card.

Card: Power of the Abyss: 4 points

Everyone wants to have Reversal active almost always. This card offers you an amazing Androxus gameplay experience, mobility, and survivability which might be crucial for you in tough fights. You can survive and turn back on enemy champions like nothing happened. What you need to do is just hit 1 target with the reversal and your Nether Step will come back online instantly. There is your mobility, positioning, healing and escape ability. Believe me, you’ll learn how to manage all of that while playing Androxus more often.

Card Sleight of Hand: 1 point

Sleight of Hand can be a true killer when you get no ammo in your weapon. What this means is if you shoot all your bullets at the enemy and you need to reload, you might want to use Nether Step and get 3 Ammo instantly. Keep in mind that this works only once per Nether Step charge.

Card Buying Time: 1 point

Reversal Generates 3 ammo. Same thing like the above-shown card. It means if you are out of ammo and you’re getting in trouble, you can use Reversal and hit at least 1 target so you can run away back at any time, or maybe reinitiate the fight from some other position. If you miss…….. bad things are going to happen, be sure about it.

Paladins Androxus: CRAZYANDRO Build, Video Gameplay

Nothing more specific than the first Androxus Build. The only thing is that this one will give you a lot of advantage for better initiation and mobility, thanks to the Power of The Abyss card. What is needed is using Androxus Ultimate right when needed. Ofc, if you feel free and winning the game, you can go in a troll mod and use your ultimate whenever you want. Flank the enemies as much as you can. This build (loadout) will surely help you do that in a proper manner.

As my last word, I would like to point out that it’s all about the aim. If you’re bad at it, do not even try playing Androxus.

Here are some of our Paladins GAMEPLAY Videos with our awesome CRAZYANDRO build:

I really hope you like this Paladins Champion Guide. Do not forget to post something in the comments section below regarding this Androxus Build (loadout). If you like it, please leave a positive review.

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