Paladins Maeve Build Guide – Cards Included

The time for Maeve has come. I have to tell that playing Maeve is more like a Mind Game than just running around the map and shooting people. Playing Maeve is a real ART. She’s such an amazing character in the game, even though she’s really squishy. That’s why we’re Making this Maeve Build Guide.

This loadout has been by far the best for us, including the choice of the Legendary card in the beginning of the game. This build is just awesome!

Maeve Build Guide

Paladins Maeve Build Guide – Loadout – Roguez

Alright, let’s not waste any more time and jump to the card choice and explanation of ours. I mean, playing Maeve is real fun. Being a Flanker champion in the game, that mobility must be used at a maximum level. Pounce and Prowl are going to become one of your most favorite skills in the whole game.

Picking up the right Legendary Card that will suit the build. This is also a must for me. Picking up Rogue’s Gambit gives us the chance to get another extra pounce if we perform a successful shutdown on an enemy player. This might give us the chance to get out of the fight instantly if being chased by another teammate of theirs.

Maeve Rogue's Gambit

On the picture below you can see the full loadout deck.

Maeve Build

Now let’s just see why are we using these cards?

Card #1 Shred, 2 points

Having this card in the build reduces our Pounce cooldown by 1 second. This is not that much of a value but sometimes might be a life savior. Nothing else to say, let’s move on.

Card #2 On Edge, 1 point

Reduce the cooldown of Nine Lives by 1 second is also good. Sometimes having a faster reset to the Pounce and Prowl might come really good.

Card  #3 Patch Up, 2 points

Despite the fact that 100 health won’t do anything, it might be just what you need to get out of the fight or be a bit more durable in the same. That’s why we choose that card, otherwise, we are more about damage.

Card #4 Street Cred, 4 points

Even though we are speaking about a high DPS champion, this build is also about the durability. This is what you must use. We know that Maeve is really squishy. So, by having this, the feel will still be there, but you will be a bit tankier and can survive a fight a bit easier. Every single player has its own playstyle, but having this card in your loadout feels like a must.

Card #5 Savagery, 3 points

Having the Savagery card in your loadout is really good, because as I’ve said, we are more about the damage. That damage can turn out as a heal too. Thanks to this card, we can heal Maeve for 210 health on a successful hit. That’s why I prefer to use the Rogue’s Gambit as an execution. Get that extra cooldown reset, get a bit of health and decide whether you want to continue with the fight or get out of it. It’s just awesome.


A lot of players are playing Maeve the wrong way. Playing Maeve with all of her mobility she possesses, means that you should be taking out their damage dealers. A lot of DPS guys just prefer to stay back behind the tanks. Having that Rogue style ready, you have to be the harasser that will deny the damage dealers on the enemy team do their job. That’s all you need to do.

When you clear the opposition’s damage dealers and got Ultimate ready, just go in the middle and pop the Ultimate so you can help your teammates do their job. That’s pretty much it.

I am pretty sure that this build guide will suit your needs. It’s really awesome. you can do a lot of things and not be squishy as using the Basic Maeve loadout. Believe me, you’ll love Maeve more than ever before. I also find that playing Maeve can be really harassing for the opposition, so, go ahead, have a lot of fun!

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