Battlerite Patch 0.12 Will Bring a New Arena: Dragon Garden

As the title says, this new Battlerite Patch 0.12 will add a new map, Dragon Garden.

This new arena is located in the Kingdom of Quna which is the homeland of the exiled prince Raigon and all the battles fought in the arena are seen by the Dragon King.

Battlerite Patch 0.12

This map is designed for 3v3 matches, while also being bigger having more space to maneuver around the center of the map.

Battlerite 0.12 patch notes

It’s not just that, Battlerite will also receive Shifu Graphical Update with new ability icons, visual and sound effects.

There will also be a new Shifu 3D model.

He will also receive the Quna’s Royal Champion outfit.

The game’s Stealth Mechanic will receive some changes too, because it has been a little bit of a pain for all of the players. Now, when a player enters stealth the enemy team will have individual indicators that will show how close the stealth champion is. That will be made with colorful indicators, green, orange, red, despite the distance on the stealth enemy.

Another bad thing about the Stealth Champions is that all of the Stealth abilities will instantly go on cooldown as soon as the Champion’s Stealth mode is over.

Also, you can preview the Dragon Garden Map in the video down below:

For more detailed info about this update, you can visit the following link:

This Battlerite patch 0.12 will speak for itself when it comes out and that will be on 2nd of May. That day will be a judgment day. However, now, we can just hope for the best.

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