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HotS: Leoric Build Guide – Into my Tomb

It’s a gaming day for us, having fun playing different games in order to develop some guides. Well, now It’s time for the big Skeleton King, Leoric. Coming from Diablo, he’s really satisfying to play within Heroes of the Storm. Being a really tanky Hero, Leoric can easily survive through the most difficult fights thanks to his abilities. One of the most interesting ability is Drain Hope, for which I think you’ll agree is one of the best he owns.

Leoric Build Guide

Actually, this guide is built around Drain Hope, making it more effective. Why is it called Into my Tomb? It’s because we’re using the Entomb Heroic, and you’ll see why. Hopefully, this build will become your favorite.

Building the right Talents

As we said above, we’re going to focus on talents that boost the W ability. We honestly think it will help you win games easier. Let’s see what kind of talents this Leoric’s Guide will offer.

1 Hopelessness


4 Willing Vessel

Willing Vessel

7 Ossein Renewal

Ossein Renewal

10 Entomb


13 Drain Momentum

Drain Momentum

16 Unyielding Despair

Unyielding Despair

20 Buried Alive or Spectral Leech

Buried Alive     Spectral Leech

Why these talents

Now, these talents are pretty much helping in every fight and also when tackling one Hero. That’s why we love this guide, or build, call it however you want. Also, if you cannot catch-up on your opponent, these Talents might help you sometimes. We’ve been using the Q build before, but it feels like this one is more useful.

At level 1 we get Hopelessness which is increasing the range of Drain Hope by 25%, which as an addition might come really good. You’ll be able to chase down enemies and slaughter them on their way to escape. At level 4 and 7 in the build, you can see that we empower Drain Hope again, making Leoric a bit stronger because he’ll receive stronger heals during Drain Hope. This comes really good in team fights, as you’ll be able to survive through them. It also comes good in addition to the Unyielding Despair talent. For that, we’ll talk later. Now, level 7 talent it’s really useful when you jump into a team fight. It will heal you over time for 6 seconds, so do not forget about that. It’s amazingly good when combined with Drain Hope.

This build is not much oriented about solo fights, but team fights. They’re what’s important in Heroes of the Storm if you play Leoric in Ranked MM. Your job is to tank, considering that you’re a melee warrior.

Getting Entomb as a Heroic

Now, talking about Leoric’s Heroic, it feels like Entomb is really important. Not only that you can catch enemies, but you can block them too. For an instance, if your teammate is being chased, you can save him by using Entomb easily. That’s why it’s always good to have Entomb ready. This Leoric guide should definitely start doing some work for you in the game.

After this, we got 3 more talents to pick. On level 13 we are going to empower Drain Hope, making Leoric a real pain for the enemies. These two talents give Leoric such a value as movement speed and Drain Hope cooldown reduction, which is always good.

As for the last talent, it’s all up to you. Whether that will be the Spectral Leech or Buried Alive, it’s up to you. Whatever you feel it’s better for that game, just take it.

That’s all we have to say about this guide, hoping it will help you win some games. This Leoric Guide was made on behalf our team, which has brought us into a discussion on which are the best Leoric’s talents. We have agreed that this guide is the best one that should be released to the public.

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