Days Gone Content Keeps Flowing as new Horde Challenge emerges

The narrative drama of Days Gone is about to grow bigger. After a series of unfolding mysteries given within fresh content releases, the development of the same continues to impress the fans. But, this challenge is slightly different than others as it requires focus at its best. A new Horde Challenge is inbound, and you will need to outsmart the ravaging Freaker waves.

The announcement has appeared on the Twitter Profile of Bend Studio, the official developer of Days Gone. The requirements and settlement are also pre-determined, as it will put the players in a house trying to survive a relentless Horde for 5 minutes.

Having a timer, this is not a neverending encounter that will test your durability. Instead, it will occur throughout multiple phases which include defenses, scavenging, and most importantly, freedom. Players won’t be able to go outside to overcome the phobic side of the encounter. But, doing this they may encounter a larger wave of zombies.

For the records, Days Gone is noticing a vast amount of extra content, which is less likely seen among the notorious video games nowadays.

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