Escape From Tarkov’s 0.12 Official Patch Notes

Almost every single Escape From Tarkov Player is awaiting the release of patch 0.12. The most significant patch in the history of the game. Currently, Battlestate Games is stirring through all of the changes onto their Livestream at this moment. The official patch notes have somewhat been released in a preliminary form, and today is the day when we get the confirmation of all the changes.

To get notified with all of the changes live, make sure you watch the official stream below, in which multiple streamers are taking part in conversation alongside the CEO of Battlestate Games, Nikita who goes absent from time to time to check on the 0.12 development process. If you weren’t aware, BSG developers are still in the office working on the patch release.

Watch live video from battlestategames on

Starting from Shturman, which is the new boss on Woods, to the new weapons, to the hideout feature. Oh boy, we cannot even enumerate all of them because the list of changes is just huge. Five hours ago, the development of patch 0.12 has had officially started, and so far is still ongoing.

But, it is a little bit tiring to go all over through the changes when we had our deep-dive on patch 0.12 already. Therefore, it would be beneficial for you to check everything that’s coming out by yourself.

This article is made for a complete overview of the patch notes, which are most probably going to be slightly bit different than the preliminary ones. So, once the patch maintenance and Livestream of Battlestate Games are finished, expect the patch notes to be published below:

Oops, There are no Official Patch Notes Yet, Check a Bit Later.

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