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Pokémon GO AR Iris featuring Group Photo Mode and a Timer For Taking Photos

Energy is shifting these days in Pokémon GO, and I am thrilled to see that happening.

If you remember, big updates were teased a while back, and a few days ago we got to know a little bit more about what is expected to come. Named Rediscover GO, there are going to be several updates to Pokémon GO that will supposedly change the whole look of the most popular mobile game.

Niantic is good at teasing stuff, so given that they teased the Buddy AR alongside other features, according to a datamine, this system is really what we all have been asking for. The creativity will spark together, and I think it will give another dimension to Pokémon GO.

From what is discovered, there will be stickers, that can be added to the AR photos. It is still unclear about what kind of stickers these are going to be. At the very back of my mind, I will always be scarred from the troubles we all went through to get the perfect photo of a Pokémon flying up in the sky, and now, I am glad to say that with this new system, we will no longer need to do anything of that sort.

Another thing that was discovered in the datamine is the ability to take a photo of multiple Pokémon. This wasn’t even possible back in the day, and we were all bummed when the Shared AR Mode was disabled. I can’t wait to do a group photo of my favorite Kanto Pokémon. Plus, we might be able to reposition or rotate them to our liking.

Imagine taking a selfie with a Pokémon. It would be awesome, right? AR Iris is supposed to bring that too, a countdown that would allow Trainers to take either selfies or group photos with Pokémon. I will be bragging to my friends about my picture with my favorite Pokémon on the planet, Eevee.

I also remember when I first tried taking a landscape photo, it was a disaster. Well now, once the big updates coming to Pokémon GO, according to the datamine, the landscape mode will be preferred for Pokémon found on the ground, while the ones that fly up in the sky will need a portrait mode. As I said, another dimension of Pokémon GO is coming.

There are a lot of other features discovered in the datamine, but one last thing I have to report on: Burst Option. Literally, like our phone cameras when we try to take a sequence of photos, we will be able to do that too in Pokémon GO.

It may seem that this is coming to Pokémon GO, and I hope it does, but keep in mind that this is datamine, so anything is subject to change. Today it could be pink, and tomorrow it could be blue.

We are hours away from the first update, so let’s see what Niantic brings us.

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