Paladins Bomb King Build Guide – Real Pain, Cards Included

Well, since yesterday’s last build guide series are over, we are continuing to post new ones for other champions. I can now welcome you to the newest Bomb King build guide.

Bomb King is a pure damage champion that can deal a lot of shield damage. This build is called Real Pain because it should totally REKT those tanks that are trying to take the capture point.

Be informed that we are not going to show you what to buy in game, because those purchases must be done depending on the champions playing against you. We will continue to cover the champions in random order until we release the builds for every single one of them.

Enough talking, let start explaining the Bomb King – Real Pain Build Guide.

Paladins Bomb King Build Guide – Real Pain

Card #1, Countdown: 4 points

Reduce the cooldown of Grumpy Bomb by 4 seconds. The cooldown of Grumpy Bomb is 12 seconds and with this card is 8s.  This basically means you will spam your Grumpy Bomb and you can deal a lot of damage to Shields and make the enemies spread out. If their Front Line champion shield is on cooldown, you will stun someone and get a free kill by shooting the Sticky Bombs on him.

Card #2, Doomsday: 4 points

In addition to the previous card, Grumpy Bomb will deal 40% more damage to Shields. This means is more than good when it comes to taking a capture point and pushing the tanks out of it. Your job is only to drop the Grumpy Bomb in the middle of the enemy players. If you pop it in the middle, they will all spread out. Healer and tanks will separate (that’s the scenario you want) and if they do that, you are in a big advantage. The Shielding should be broken and weaken too.

Card #3, Fallout: 1 point

This is the card that will give you the needed mobility. If you hit an enemy with Grumpy Bomb, you will gain reduced cooldown of Poppy Bomb by 1. This counts for each champion. If your Poppy Bomb is on cooldown you should get it back faster and get away if you are being targeted by some flanker. Believe me, you will be the target since the beginning of the game.

The usage of the Poppy Bomb should become a habit. Simple enough, now let’s continue.

Card #4, Accelerant: 2 points

It should give you a chance to run away in bad situations more efficiently. It increases the self-knockback of Poppy Bomb by 16%. So, let’s say you are being flanked and something bad is happening. Use the Poppy Bomb under your a** and jump away. The fifth card will help you to slightly control the Poppy Bomb jump. Using the Poppy Bomb on a capture point can be good to move the enemy away from it. Sometimes, you can even use Poppy Bomb to drop enemy off the edge of a map.

Card #5, Air Blast: 1 point

Air Blast should give you enough Air Control of the Poppy Bomb jump. The Air Control is active until you land. What this means is you can take a turns while in the air. I use this on 1 point because all I need is a slight in-air movement so I can jump on edges. Let’s say for an example trying to get above a capture point.


There is not much to say about any kind of rotation with Bomb King. You pretty much need to manage and make Poppy Bomb be 100% online by the help of the Grumpy Bomb usage. This is going to help you run away if you are getting flanked or being focused. I know that sometimes you need to use the Poppy Bomb as a combo with Grumpy Bomb on the capture point (which is really hard). But most likely is to keep it online so you can run away if something goes wrong.

Basically what you need to do is spam Grumpy Bomb, Spam Sticky Bombs on Shields and make sure you build your Ultimate without dying. Believe me, everyone in your team will love what you’re doing.

Remember, it’s not all about the build, but instead, it’s the gameplay and experience you can offer.

I’ve heard some of the people asking why are we trying to act smart with Paladins Champions of The Realm Game. Well, we are trying to bring and explain the best champions builds so people can easily understand and have the advantage in-game. New players, old players, doesn’t matter. Keep in mind that we are more people that play this game on a daily basis. One of them is playing the game as we release this build right now.

We hope you like this Bomb King Build Guide. If you do, please leave a comment below and tell us if you think that something needs to be changed. Keep in mind that the build is called Real Pain, so it will hurt the Tankers the Most.

UPDATE: Gameplay Video Using Real Pain Build

Bomb King Real Pain Build


Our Score

This build should make a lot of difference when it comes down to capturing point or even attacking a single target enemy.

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