Paladins Cassie Build: Execute, Cards Included

It’s been a tough Paladins Build Guides series so far. You can check the last build (loadout) over here. Now, we will continue with the newest Paladins Cassie Build. By using this guide you should be able to have the insanely needed mobility by using Dodge Roll and damage increase after using it.

I am not a Cassie spammy player but when I play it I want to be sure everything goes right. I was able to make this build and try it in 2 games in a row, which came out that I am a winner. You all know Cassie and her abilities. She’s one of the most played champions in the game. The damage output is really high and you can play it in different styles. You can start flanking, play defensively, aggressively, however you want. It’s definitely your choice. With this Cassie Deck of Cards you can definitely slam every single champion that comes in your way.

Make sure that we are not going to show any kind of ingame purchases, because those purchases must be done depending on the champions playing against you. We will continue to cover the champions in random order until we release the builds for every single one of them. Enough said, let’s preview the build.

Paladins Cassie Build Guide – Execute

paladins cassie build

The build is named Execute, which means you need to know when to use your skills. Make sure you do that right and you are going to reveal the true power of Cassie.

Card Incitement: 4 points

This card boosts your Dodge Roll skill. What exactly does? When you hit your shot after rolling, it reduces the cooldown of Dodge Roll by 4 seconds. This is really op because it all comes down to getting more mobility when the champions are going to focus you. Also, if there is Skye or Andro they may want to kill you first. Believe me, you will be focused a lot, maybe the whole game. But, with this build you should be able to manage to survive.

Card Onslaught: 4 points

It always comes good in addition to the first card, which means your first shot after rolling gains 40% Lifesteal. So, you will have only 1 task and that is to hit your first shot after rolling. You think it’s that simple? No, but I am sure that you are going to master it really fast. This card will help you survive if you’re being flanked. If you are still fighting and your third card of this build activates, you will be able to dodge roll again and shoot, which will make you heal and survive while killing the flanking player.

Card Somersault: 1 point

Dropping below 15% health resets the cooldown of Dodge Roll. This card is connected to the second card as I said above. I will say the same thing over here, which is hitting your first shot is all that matters. You should be definitely able to slam down an enemy champion that comes in your way and trying to kill you. Plus you have the Disengage which needs to be online when you are getting flanked. Imagine all that damage with the dodge roll… let’s sum it up. Dodge roll: 40%, Disengage: 30% damage boost, Card: Onslaught: 40% Lifesteal. Freaking insane, right?

Card Lunge: 2 points

Lunge is there to increase your dodge roll distance by 40%, which in addition to the previous 2 cards comes good. It should give you lot of mobility and power to kill a flanker if it comes on you. That’s all I need to say about this card, I know you understand how to use all of this.

Card Intense Training: 1 point

This card is just an asset to the Dodge Roll which grants 10% movement speed for 1.5 seconds. This is going to help you stay away from the attacking player by moving faster after you use dodge roll. They will deal lower damage when you are far away from them. You should be able to kill the enemy in those 1.5 seconds.

paladins cassie build


Spam Shortbow on enemies after using dodge roll to get increased damage. Keep in mind to hit your first shot. If you have problems with enemy champion flanking you, shoot your Disengage on him, run away and take him down. Your dodge roll should be active by the time he comes close to you, or you can even keep the dodge roll ready. Use ultimate when available, you do not need to hold your ultimate unless there is Skye on the enemy team. Killing flanking enemy players will be so fun and by using these cards you should totally do it.

You can even try to flank the opposite team, totally. This loadout (build) is unversal. Just make sure you manage your skills right and you will see that everything is possible with it. Make sure you are not a tryhard player, because being tryhard with champion like Cassie can only bring you trouble.

We hope you like this loadout (build), and if you do, do not forget to Share it. Also, Do not forget to comment down below if you think something is missing and should be changed.

Stay tuned, there are more Paladins Builds to come!

Paladins Cassie Build - Execute


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