Paladins Fernando Build Guide – Panzer, Cards Included

Well, today I was planning to release only 1 build, that was Viktor’s. But, I will release 1 more build. Our second chosen character for today is Fernando, my best Front Line Champion. This Paladins Fernando Build Guide should make you more tanky, help your teammates a lot more than usual, and try to conquer the capture point with ease. Let’s begin!

We all know Fernando, I think the introducing part should be cut right now and jump on the main point.

Let’s just make clear that we are not going to show what to buy ingame, because those purchases must be done depending on the champions playing against you. We will continue to cover the champions in random order until we release the builds for every single one of them.

Paladins Fernando Build Guide – Panzer

Card: Dire Need, 1 point

Allies within 30 unit gain a 125 damage shield for five seconds when you activate your shield. This means you will contribute in making your fellows more tanky while trying to take the capture point. You will activate your shield a lot while standing on capture point and by doing that, your allies close to you will get a shield buff too. It’s not that big, but 125 sometimes can be crucial.

Card: Evolve, 1 point

Increase your base maximum Health by 125. It’s not by much but I do not feel like choosing some other card. You will get that little bit of boost which I think you won’t even feel it…

Card: Last Stand, 4 points

While Shield is active and you are below 50% health, you heal 300 health each second until you reach 50% Health. This is what I was talking about. You will love this card as your shield ability will constantly heal you up until you reach half hp. This means tanking will be fun like h***. After all, that’s why we call this build Panzer, right?

Card: Towering Barrier, 2 points

While speaking of Panzer, this card will increase the Health of Shield by 1000. What this means is you will get the chance to heal yourself (if below 50% hp) and deal against enemy wreckers more efficiently. If you do not take this card and there are 2 wreckers on the other team, your shield will go down a lot faster than with the card. 1000 hp Shield can give you around 1-2 seconds if focused to get yoru hp back to half thanks to the Last Stand card.

Card: Safe Travel, 4 points

In addition to Towering Barrier (4th card from this build), Safe Travel will boost the shield for 1000 more. Sadly, it will do that after a charge. So what you wanna do is, if you get in trouble and you go below 50 hp, just charge away and pop the shield instantly. You will regen really fast and you can go back on the capture point immediately. This is where Fernando is really Good.

So, it all comes down to a single skill, Shielding. If you use it right, you will give your team the time and chance to kill the enemy teams, but if you die fast that will make a mess in your team. What you might wanna do is focus your Fireball and make sure you hit at least one guy with it, so you and your friends can burst him down while he’s not getting heals from the enemy support players.

Using your ultimate is pretty much good, but you have to get it right so your teammates can hold with you and avoid to die. But, make sure you hold your ulti for the second objective which is pushing the payload. Using this build should make you able to hold your ultimate for the second objective.

We hope you like this build really much. There will be more to come, stay put!

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