Watch Dogs 2: Top 6 Tips And Tricks

At the very beginning in Watch Dogs 2, you will be introduced to DedSec. You will get familiar with the 3D printer where you make your own tools and weapons to fight against Blume. Below you can see some of the Tips & Tricks that will make you easier and smarter player.

Tip & Trick #1 – Drone

The very first item you should create is the drone. This unit is with a camera and hacking abilities. You will need $65700 to make one. So, in the beginning of the game save as much as money you can to get this device in order to scout.

watch dogs 2 drone

Tip & Trick #2 – Don’t spend your money!

Don’t buy any weapons early in the game. Use the ones that drop from your enemies, because you can use every weapon they have. You can make a lot of guns at 3D printer. But why to waste your money on weapons instead of buying items later into the game.

watch dogs 2 weapons

Tip & Trick #3 – Always help

If you help the civilians you will get new missions. This missions can be unlocked when you interact with NPC’s. You just go and talk to them and you will have a chance to help them. This will also help you to unlock items in Watch Dogs 2.

watch dogs 2 help

Tip & Trick #4 – Stun Gun

The weapon you start in Watch Dogs 2 is the stun gun. This weapon will help you to put a safety guard to sleep when you find yourself in a bad situation. The stun gun in Watch Dogs 2 it’s not with the greatest range but it is very useful. Later in the game you have to turn off all the security devices and the stun gun can do that for 10sec.

watch dogs 2 stungun

Tip & Trick #5 – Move Fast

You can travel fast from the beginning of the game and you can teleport to any place you want. The fastest way to go from point A to point B in Watch Dogs 2 is with a car. From what I have experienced till now, the driving method is much better than Watch Dogs 1.

watch dogs 2 cars

Tip & Trick #6 – Outside Of The Box

You can perform a lot of different hacks in Watch Dogs 2. Make it harder for your enemies by mixing hacks and set them up a trap. Here is one example what you can do: Trow ESD (electro shock device) on a car and you can hack this car to give electroshock when there is an enemy nearby. Just let your imagination, do the work and always think out of the box.

watch dogs 2 hacks

I hope this will be very helpful for all the Watch Dogs 2 beginners.

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