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How to Play For Honor’s Warden Class

It’s time for a Warden Guide. You’ve probably heard about Warden’s vortex and even know how to perform it, however, I would love to point out something when it comes to playing against more mobile classes.

So, as we said, we are speaking about a Vanguard, which according to Ubisoft is easy to play with. I mean, yes, it’s definitely easy to play with, but what about when you meet more experienced players? Been playing the Warden for so long now and I really like it in terms of playing against more difficult opponents that actually knows what’s going on in the game.

How to play For Honor's Warden Class

First of all, Let’s see the Warden’s moveset in the picture below. Then, we are going to speak about using the chains, mix-ups, etc… I honestly hope this guide will open your eyes more, especially to those players that already think they are at the top of the world. Believe me, In this game, there is stronger than the strongest and will always be like that. Moving forward…

For Honor Warden Moveset

How To Play For Honor’s Warden Class Effectively

As you can see above, we have the full Warden’s moveset and his specifics too. However, I would love to suggest you not to rely on the chains on the right side. I mean, they are good for a small transformation and then into a feint. Otherwise, I cannot see them being so useful when it comes down to fighting. Everyone that plays the Warden class stays close to the Light Attack Combo (seen in the pic above). This combo will allow you to get the Second Side attack as a guaranteed if the first one hits.

This is not working if you strike from the top, so because of that, instead of spamming the button, try to perform one hit from the top as that one is really confusing and you can also activate the Shoulder Bash Mix Up afterward. You think this is bad? I mean, it feels that the warden is all about successfully attack a Feint and then after that you can chain towards whatever you like.

Your passion when you play this hero should not be the crazy Vortex and the Shoulder Bash – Guardbreak spam so you can get easy kills. You should be just trying to make the enemy hit his top and try to use your Crushing Counterstrike. This is one of the most beautiful abilities in the game as it will automatically hit a counter and deal decent damage. Actually, more than decent damage… You can see the Crushing Counterstrike in the picture above.


I always find Rushing Slash very cool because it deals good damage and the attack comes really fast. When I think twice, It is faster than any other class and their off-guard attacks. So that’s why I encourage you to use it, having the chance to gain a bit of advantage since the beginning. What comes next? Next, it’s time to have some fun, down below we’ll see how.

Note: When using your zone attack, make sure the attack doesn’t get blocked because it will grant the enemy a free Guardbreak. Also, you won’t be able to counter that Guardbreak at all.

Staying close to the opponent

Yes, when you play the Warden, make sure you stay close to the opponent and be ready to react to whatever he does. By standing close to him, you have a lot of options on where to start from. You can successfully feint attacks and push him to parry, and then instead of him, you Parry his incoming attack. This means you will get the easy Guardbreak and possible vortex. However, make sure you do not parry if an attack comes from the top. Why? Because you should be always focusing your Crushing Counterstrike instead of Parry. Then, you can continue with your vortex.

Another cool thing when standing close to the enemy is that the Warden has a really good Zone Attack. His zone attack is really fast, but when you stand close to the enemy, it shows like the attack first comes from the enemy’s right side and then it hits from the left. Otherwise, if you’re far away from him it will show that the attack comes only from the left side of his. I do not know how this works on other Platforms, but on PC it works like that and I always get confused when it happens. The Warden has a really fast attack so it is really hard to Parry it.

Analyze your opponent

Honestly, we do not have anything else to add because it’s all about you in the game. We can just give you some tips. Also, if you ask me, there is not a good guide on the internet when it comes down to 1v1 or 2v2 fights. I am saying this because you always get a different opponent. Even if your opponents play the same class, they can play it on another level, think about it. This is another reason I would love to open your eyes on. Guys, getting the combos and activation and how they work it’s ok. But, trying to perform combos from an already published guide, that’s just going to make you fail.

I know that you know every other class, but every one of us has a different playstyle, that’s all you need to stick to.

Using the Shoulder Bash vs Orochi, Peacekeeper & Berserker

Everyone would love to just spam this over and over again so the players can actually get an easy win. We know that you can just Shoulder bash, Light Attack, Shoulder Bash, Guardbreak, 2 Light, Shoulder bash… and so on. However, when you play against the classes above, the Orochi, Peacekeeper and Berserker, you might face some difficulties. They can dodge sideways and initiate attack instantly when they see the Shoulder Bash incoming. Because of that, I would not advise you to continue with the Shoulder Bash, instead, Stop it.

I said to stop the Shoulder Bash because as soon as the Orochi goes into his Zephyr Slash the Guardbreak will fail, it’s the same for the Berserker and the Peacekeeper. They have a really fast Dodge speed so that’s a problem for the upcoming vortex. So, after the Shoulder Bash stop, make sure you Parry the side attack when playing against these three. At least that will be easy. Then, you can continue and do whatever you like from there.

We are still making this guide for which I am pretty sure it will be updated soon. For now, that’s it. Do not forget to tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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