Jubilee Build Guide And How To Use Her Skills

Jubilee is part of the marksman class in Heroes Arena. She is with high attack rate and physical damage. Very mobile and fast hero, that can easily help the team to win a match. But, like any other hero, you will a good build guide to make it even harder for the enemies. Below you can find some tips on how to use her skills and what item Jubilee needs for a better performance.

Jubilee Build Guide

This marksman is crazy! Trust me on this one. You can not change her skills, but she does “magic” with this item build. But, let me help you with her skills first. Jubilee is using 5 skills, 1 passive and 4 casters. Her passive skill is Energy Charge. On level five, her basic attack goes to a laser attack, which attacks all enemies on her way. Her first caster is Ambush. You can use it to get closer to the enemy, attack him with her laser and the target gets 220 dmg. Electric Plasma is her next skill. Jubilee deals 150 physical dmg and slows the first target she hits by 20% for 2 seconds. She also throws Shock Bombs to a specific area, which then they explode to the nearest enemy, dealing 120 physical damage and slows them by 80%.

Ult time! Dealing 580 physical damage in front of her, there is not a single PRO who will survive. Whenever you see Jubilee casting her Photon Lance, that’s it, you are respawning. I like her, but if you don’t know how to use her skills, you will find her very boring at some point. First, throw a bomb, then use her Electric Plasma and her ult. If there is a survivor, you go for Ambush. Simple, right? I will make it even easier for you with the build guide below:

  • Bloody Mary – Increases her physical attack by 112 and +25 lifesteal
  • Hunter Boots  She gets +15 to her attack speed and +60 to her movement speed
  • Berserker Edge – Adds +112 to her physical attack and +20 critical rate
  • Raged Thunder – +20 critical rate, attack speed +30, movement speed +8
  • Edged Stone – Jubilee critical damage is increased by 15, her cooldown reduction +10 and her physical attack is getting +179 points
  • Gabriel – This item increases the physical damage by +224

This build guide is missing a defense item. You will ask why? Well, she is range hero and she doesn’t need to go into battle as a tank. Anyway, if you find yourself in a 3vs1 situation, don’t’ panic, you have the best build guide!

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