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Welcome to Future Game Releases Androxus Build Guide. As I said, we are going to keep you updated with the newest builds after every single patch. I will keep you posted with new info on champions whenever I’m possible to. I did some testing with Androxus and this build that I’m going to post feels good. At the moment I am playing with it. If I change something, I will update this content. So, make sure you visit this page more frequently.

Keep in mind that we are not going to show you what to buy in-game because those purchases must be made depending on the champions playing against you. We will continue to cover the heroes randomly until we cover and present our best card choices you can ever get.

Androxus is a well-known flanker that can make people go crazy :). You probably know what your job is since you are on this page. Right?

Androxus Build Guide and Cards:

Androxus Build Guide Deck

As you can see, we named this Androxus Build Guide as CrazyAndro, because we think that it’s one of the best and most crazy flanker’s build. Only crazy players can handle it :). Just kidding. Androxus is meant to be played in the most exciting way ever. Enough chit-chat, let’s explain why we choose these cards instead of something else.

Abyss Walker: 4 points

Androxus can use Nether Step 3 times in a row which means when this card is equipped, using your nether step 3 times in a row you will heal for 480 hp. So, let’s say you fight with someone and you kill him, or you don’t, nevermind on the situation you can run away by using Nether step while healing yourself for 480hp. Isn’t this cool? This means you will be a little bit tanky if you are fighting against a short ranged enemy (will do a lot more than on long range).

Disrupt: 3 points

Getting disrupt on 3 points will reduce your Reversal cooldown by 3 seconds, which gives you the ability to be more dynamic and also more tanky and mobile. Why more tanky and mobile with reversal? We will tell you why in the following cards.

Seething Hatred: 2 points

Choosing this card will lower the cooldown of Reversal by even more. The more you hit the shots, the more your cooldown reduction of Reversal will move towards 0. This is just an asset when it comes to saving yourself. You still probably feel strange about this build, and you ask yourself how is all of this going to work. It will all come down to a rotation of spells by introducing the next cards.

Buying Time: 1 point

Reversal Generates three ammo. Let me explain this a little bit better. You fight with someone you go out of ammo, right after that you pop reversal, while you try hitting the enemy with it. It doesn’t matter if you miss it or not, you will get a recharge of 3 ammo for just using Reversal. Of course, now you should be getting it, right? This card is connected to the first three cards. So far we have some kind of rotation available, right? We got Nether Step, Disrupt and Seething Hatred… what does this mean? Initiate by using Nether Step or not (your choice) I would prefer to use the mount all the way down, fight the guy, something goes wrong, you get your reversal back, try to kill him again, you finish the job, use Nether Step to run away.

Let’s get to the last card before we talk about the full rotation.

Power of the Abyss: 2 points

Power of the Abyss in this occasion with 2 points on it, will give you a 50% Nether Step Cooldown Reduction if you hit your Reversal shot right in the enemy. Be careful, because if you miss it, you are not going to be able to use Nether Step that fast (if previously on cooldown).


Ok, so know you probably have something on your mind about how the full rotation should look like. Even tho the full rotation will be a little bit hard to execute. What you want to do is mount up if possible. If not, use Nether Step to get close to a target. Burst that target down. If something goes wrong and believe me, it will, use you Reversal and try to hit an enemy. You will get instant three ammo, and if you beat him with the Reversal shot, you will get your Nether Step back online again.

You can even try to troll that guy a little bit by using it instantly. So kill him, use a Nether step to run away. Stay a bit in the back and repeat.

That’s all you need to do. I’ve been trying a lot of Androxus builds, and I finally found this build that made me win almost every single game.

We hope you like this! We will continue with more builds today. Stay put and do not forget to visit us whenever you’re free!

Update: Below you can find some of the scores done by using this build.

Androxus Build Guide


Our Score

By using this Androxus build you should be more able to flank the opposite team.

User Rating: 3.61 ( 4 votes)
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