Heroes Arena: Abaddon Build Guide

Abaddon is a warrior hero in the game. He is with high attributes, which makes him the most played hero in Heroes Arena. On the following build guide, I focus more on his defense items and how to use his skills.

Abaddon Build Guide

His skills are a littler bit hard to deal with, but as soon as you master them as soon he will be your favorite. He slams the ground, puts an orb on him, restores HP everytime he hits an enemy, jumps to a specific location and deals damage. Pretty much those are his skills, but if you go by that order, you will never defeat an opponent. Use Soulbreak each time you fight an enemy, because it will deal 106 physical dmg every0.5 second. Get as close you can, use the Dimensional Slash, which can be used 3 times in a row. The last hit will also stun the target. The opponent will try to run, but he will never make it. Abbadon and his Annihilate will smash the ground and eliminate the enemy.

Now, it’s time for his ult. Personally, I thought it doesn’t do much. But I was wrong. If you have the perfect item build, it helps, because increases Abaddon’s physical dmg by 80. In addition, using his ult, Abaddon restores 64 HP everytime he hits an enemy.

Here are the items you need to be an MVP:

  • B***** Mary – Grants lifesteal
  • Tenacity Boots – Increases Abaddon’s magic defense and his movement speed
  • Sharp Spear – Abaddon will be immune to dmg every 8 seconds. It also gives extra points to his physical attack and attack speed
  • Encourage – Defense item, which restores 2% of max HP p/sec. Adds +880 HP, +180 magic defense, +9 HP regeneration speed and +10 cooldown reduction
  • Armor of Endurance – Increases Tenacity by 50%
  • Thorn Shield – Increases his HP and physical defense. In addition, there are 2 effects caused by this item. The 1st effect increase dmg rebound by 7%. The 2nd rebounds 13% of damage.

You have a better scheme, let me know in comments section below and I will check it out!

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