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Heroes Evolved Minos Build Guide

Minos is a melee ganker in Heroes Evolved mobile game. He is with high physical damage and attack power. Below you can find how to use Minos in the game and what items he needs for an MVP title.

I have a great build guide that can help you to win in every single match. Well yes, this depends on your allies as well. But, if they are using my builds, then this is not a problem at all. Keep on reading and get some pretty useful info on how to use Minos’s skills and what gear set he needs.

minos build guide

How To Use Minos Skills?

Minos cost 13999 gold or you can get him for 999 tokens. I know it’s hard to get gold or tokens, so you just have to keep on playing and earn them in game. Without buying tokens, it will take a week to get this hero. Pretty cool, right? Anyway, let’s stay on the subject.

Like any other hero in Heroes Evolved, Minos uses 4 skills to eliminate heroes. One of them is passive, followed by 3 casters. Mighty Axe is the passive skill, which reduces target’s movement speed. The first caster is Sweeping Blow. Minos throws an axe in a specific direction dealing physical damage and pulling the enemies closer. His magic caster is Furious Roar. this spell deals magic damage and puts the enemies in terror for 1 second.

Minos’s ult is Violent Attack. He jumps towards an enemy, with increased attack speed and can instantly kill low HP enemy. At the same time, he regenerates HP. Here is how to use Minos’s skills guide. First, you pull the enemy closer, then use the Furious Roar. At this point, the target will be on low HP, so the next step is Violent Attack.

Minos Build Guide

To be honest, Minos is not an easy hero to play with, but with the perfect build guide, he can easily become your favorite. The following item build increases his attack speed, speel power and lifesteal.

  • Boots of War – Increases attack speed and movement speed. It also adds +10 damage.
  • Golden Staff – Grants him 4% of target’s max HP as magic dmg.
  • Radiant Emperor – Radiance. Works great with his skills.
  • Staff of Conversion – Increases spell power by 35%.
  • Demonic Diadem – Every time Minos casts a spell, his next attack will deal 50 + 150% spell power as magic dmg. Also, his abilities cd is reduced by 10%.
  • Demonic Cowl – When passive, increases lifesteal by 25%. When active, increases lifesteal for 125%.

minos build guide

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