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Heroes Evolved Poseidon Build Guide

The God of the Sea, Poseidon is one of the characters in Heroes Evolved. He is a melee hero, with high magic damage and durability. As part of the intelligence class in the game, I have to say he is the most powerful among them. Keep on reading and find out how to use Poseidon in battle and what build guide he needs.

Poseidon is with 4 skills, 1 passive and 3 casters. His passive skill is Oceanic Power. This skill grants him extra magic dmg. Also, he creates a field around the target which grants Poseidon extra spell power and movement speed. Soul of the Sea is one of his casters.

poseidon build guide

The hero becomes immune to dmg and deals damage at the same time to enemies nearby. His second caster is Tidal Barrage. He releases an icy wave in a specific direction, slowing the enemies and dealing magic damage.

Poseidon’s Trident is his ult. He casts a Trident at a target direction, dealing magic damage and stunning them for 2 seconds. I have to say, I was playing with Poseidon many times, and manage to get the perfect skills guide. First, use Tidal Barrage, then his ult and then Soul of the Sea. In this order, the enemies movement speed will be reduced, which makes them an easier target to eliminate.

Poseidon Build Guide

The following build guide increases Poseidon’s magic damage, spell power and armor. If you have better build guide, please let me know in the comments below and I will make sure to try it.

  • Holy Speed Boots – Adds 90 to his movement speed and increases allies movement speed at the same time. This goes only for allies in a 1k radius.
  • Staff of Conversion – Increases Poseidon’s spell power.
  • Devil’s Urn – Reduces abilities cd. His abilities will curse the target and deal 3% of target’s HP in magic damage.
  • Crystal Scepter – This item will slow the enemies every time they are under spell.
  • Quick Pulse – Poseidon gets 15% magical lifesteal.
  • Mace of Judgement – After you cast a spell, the next attack will get a 125% base damage as a bonus. It also slows the enemies movement speed by 30%.

You now have a great gear set and you are all set. Don’t forget to subscribe and get the best build guides.

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