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Magicka Build Guide In Heroes Evolved Mobile Game

Magicka is a Mage hero in Heroes Evolved with high magic power and great skills. With the build guide below and a short how to use Magicka guide, you will get an MVP title each match.

She uses 4 skills, all of them casters. First, let’s start with Magical Deck. This spell can be used as passive and active. When passive, Magicka can stun the target and deal magic dmg. When active, her attacks deals bonus magic dmg for 5 seconds. Her next spell is Power Up. It increases Magicka’s movement speed and spells power. With Card Attack, she deals magic dmg to enemies.

magicka build guide

Triple Deal is Magicka’s ult. The same as Magical Deck, this spell can be both used as passive or active. When passive, it increases her magic damage by 3%. When active, Magicka throws 3 cards and deals magic dmg to enemies. To be honest, you don’t need any special skills or special guide on how to use her skills. But, I find the following very helpful. Go for Power Up, use Card Attack and then her ult, followed by Magical Deck. These steps are very useful when you have the right gear set.

Magicka Build Guide For An MVP Title

This build guide increases her magic power and spells power. It will definitely make you unbeatable. So, here are the items for Magicka:

  • Arcane Boots – Great item for Magicka and the team. Increases Magicka’s mana and movement speed. When active, recovers allies mana by 270 pts.
  • Icy Guardian – This item is part of the Durable items list. When passive, it reduces enemies spell resist. When active, Magicka releases a freezing wave that deals dmg equal to x3 of her intelligence. This wave also slows the enemies by 40%.
  • Demonic Diadem – Reduces abilities cd by 10%. Also, every time Magicka casts a spell, the next attack will deal extra 50 + 150% spell power as magic dmg.
  • Devil’s Urn – Increases her spell power, HP regeneration and 100% mana regenerations. It also increases Magicka’s magic dmg. The target will receive 3% extra dmg of current HP.
  • Staff of Conversion – Increases her spell power by 35%. Now you have 1k spell power :).
  • Quick Pulse – Adds magic lifesteal and reduces abilities cd by 20%. A great late game item.

magicka build guide

There you go. You now have a good build guide for Magicka. If you use different items, please let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Great guide, I’m starting to play recently and collected coins to buy her, but I was a little lost in the build question. But at least I hit Devil’s Urn and Arcane Boots. Thank you, helped a Brazilian player improve.

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