Paladins Grohk Build Guide – Holy Healer, Cards are Included

Welcome to the newest Paladins Grohk Build Guide. Our team as always wants to bring you the best Grohk build (loadout) on the table. With this Grohk build, you should be able to avoid a lot of incoming damage and also to heal your teammates and yourself for a significant time. Why did we choose Grohk for today’s build? As I Remember we’ve been releasing a lot of damage builds, flank builds front-line builds. So it’s time to start using the supports because we have covered only one of them and that’s Pip’s Build Guide.

Grohk is a support champion that has cool abilities, and If you ask us what do we think about his healing power and survivability, we’d say that it’s pretty much fair while comparing the rest of the support champs. Since you found this page, it means that you already understand how to play Grohk, but you still want to be sure that you’re using the best build ever. Ok, enough talking, let’s start analyzing.

What is most important with Grohk is combining the best possible healing cards. This loadout has it all. Why did we name this build Holy Healer? You will see down below and confirm after playing with our build.

Before we start, please be sure you understand that we are not going to tell you what to buy in-game, as those purchases must be made according to the enemy champions. They are your only guidance when it comes to in-game purchases.

Paladins Grohk Build Guide – Holy Healer

paladins grohk build guide

Guess what? It’s time to explain this Paladins Grohk Build Guide.

Card Healing Rain: 4 points

Allies inside your Healing Totem are healed for 4% of their maximum health per second. This means a first Front Line champion would get extra healing for 4%. Let’s calculate that. If your tank has, for example, 6k of hp, that means + 240 healing will be added to the tank. Healing Rain will make Fernando survive through the whole fight and take the capture point. I do not know about you all, but to me, it seems like Fernando is the best front line champion in the game atm. Just make sure your totem is active all the time.

Card Gale: 4 points

Ghost walk lowers the cooldown of Healing Totem by 4 seconds when activated. Well, after seeing this card you probably understand what kind of build we are going to use, right? We should get the most significant amount of healing. It’s used together with the first card of the deck. Right? Pretty much, it should mean “Let’s hold the middle and capture the point.” If something goes wrong, you can always run away with activating ghost walk.

Card Haunting: 1 point

Reduces the cooldown of ghost walk by 1 second. It means you will be able to get back your Ghost Walk faster for one second Reducing its cooldown. The most important part is the usage of this card.

Card Outreach: 2 points

Increase the area of healing totem by 20%. Increasing the healing totem area can be useful for healing your damage dealers. Ofc, only if they are in the area of the totem. The last card is just a cherry on top of the cake.

Card Totemic Rescue: 1 point

Dropping below 30 of your max health grants you a 200 health shield for 4 seconds. What this means is that you will get a little bit of boost if something goes wrong or your ghost walk is on cooldown.


paladins grohk build guide

First of all. Always prefer picking Grohk if there is a Fernando on your team. It’s one of the best duos in the middle of the map.

You do not need anything special. Just make sure you follow the build. Everything else will come by itself. Just make sure you use the Ghost Walk at the right moment and pop the Healing Totem whenever available. It’s all about the momentum and timing when you play with Grohk. Stay on the point, heal the tanks as much as possible, use ghost walk when needed and enjoy the best gameplay with Grohk. Do not use your ultimate when available; it’s not that strong. You might want to use it while at full hp.

Said, that’s all you need to do with Grohk. We hope you like this Paladins Grohk build guide. If you think something is wrong with it, do not forget to leave a comment down below. If the build needs a new update, we might do it with your name tag on it.

Grohk Build - Holy Healer


Our Score

This build is one of the best healing builds when playing Grohk. Its healing power should be very easy to use and understand.

User Rating: 3.25 ( 3 votes)

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