Paladins Makoa Build Guide – Hardcore, Cards Included

Welcome to the newest Paladins Makoa Build Guide and loadout. Makoa is one of the best champions when it comes to taking care of the flankers or damage dealers while sitting on the capture point and try to defend it. Everything you need is to hook a damage champion in the middle of the fight.

You all know Makoa is a front line champion that can hook enemies, but you need to do it right. You cannot go wrong with Makoa’s builds (loadouts). There are many of them that are good, but we feel that the following build suits our playstyle (The whole team at FGR). We challenge you to try it because it really feels nice and you will feel the same too.

Keep in mind that we are not going to show you what to buy ingame, because those purchases must be done depending on the champions playing against you. We will continue to cover the champions in random order until we release the builds (loadouts) for every single one of them.

Paladins Makoa Build Guide – Hardcore

We’ve named this build HARDCORE because all of the hooks and takedowns will fill you up with adrenaline. Also, Makoa skills will make you enjoy its fun. Enough talking, let’s start explaining.

Card Strongarm: 4 points

This card is boosting your Dread Anchor which means you will have 7 seconds of cooldown after you use it. While you’re thinking 2 seconds won’t do much, we think the opposite. Literally 1 second in this game can make you lose or win the game. If you want to be the hero in all of the team fights, then you must hold down to this card. Keep it like this, do not lower it to less than 4 points. Next thing is that you must shoot your Dread Anchor precisely and on the right target. If you are able to do that you can pretty much disable all those damage dealers, healers, flankers… literally everyone you want.

Card Lighter Cannonballs: 2 points

Lighter cannonballs give you 10% faster reload speed and do not need any kind of buff or moderation before the Reload speed buff applies. This is something you want to equip because we all know how long he’s reloading.

Card Tidal Grace: 2 points

Because the Leviathan Card is not available, we prefer to go with Tidal Grace. Heal for 100 health per second during Shell Shield. It is really awesome boost, after a big fight, this might sometimes regen your HP and go back in another fight, knowing that Strongarm is there for you. You’ll be able to drop a hook right away.

Now the fun part begins. Shell Spin heals you for 500 if it hits an enemy. This card can work really good with your health management as you can pretty much heal yourself by a lot. Imagine bad scenarios where you can still survive and even take out an enemy. It’s really amazing.

Card Tsunami: 2 points

For 2 seconds after using Shell Spin you gain 16 percent movement speed. What kind of combo can you do by using this card? Hm. First, it comes good in addition to the previous card, right? Second, it comes good in addition with your ultimate. Right? So you can catch up enemies if they are faster than you, because when you use your ultimate you turn yourself into a melee Makoa. Also, by using Shell Spin, you will be able to knock enemies, right? So now you can do the math how effective can this card be.


That’s all folks. About rotations, I do not have anything else to add, just make sure you hold the middle tight. Hold the middle, hook enemy champions that are annoying your team the most and make sure you save them with your shield. Your Shell Shield may not be the best in the game, but it can save lives. I know we are not using any card to boost the shield, because we are more focused on hooking and killing enemy players. Make sure you take the capture point and hold on to your ultimate until the best moment arrives (usually the push towards the second objective would is the right time). If you are losing your capture point in the middle, you should use it earlier and take down at least 1 strong enemy champion. That’s all we can say.

We hope you love this Paladins Makoa build guide as we do. Do not forget to comment below if you think something’s wrong with it. We will review it and maybe update it with your name tag on it.

Makoa Hardcore Build


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It's a really nice thing to have a tanky and mobile Makoa that can take down enemies with lower health pool effectively.

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  1. freaking h***, I always loved to play Makoa, hes really fun to play with and can be op, just the lands of the hook are most important, as you said

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