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Mobile Legends Gord Build Guide

Gord in Mobile Legends is known as the Mystic Magician, who uses his mana and spells to deal a significant amount of damage. Following Gord’s build guide below, his magic damage is increased, which grants him to deal a lot more damage than usual, by using his spells.

gord build guide

This hero is available to purchase in Mobile Legends using 24.000 exp points or 499 diamonds. Gord passive skill Mystic Favor adds a magic amplifier effect to the target. His casters are Mystic Projectile, Mystic Injunction and Mystic Gush.


Gord Build Guide

As I have already mentioned above this build guide will increase his magic damage and movement speed. Be sure to select the exact items and to use his magic emblem.

Enchanted Talisman

Adds +55 magic power, +400 HP, +25 mana regeneration and +20% cooldown reduction

Eternal Scepter

His magic power is increased by +60, HP + 615 and his mana +600

Magic Shoes

Adds +10% cooldown reduction and +40 movement speed


Getting this item will slow the enemies by 10%. Adds +75 magic power, +15 mana regeneration and +7% to his movement speed

Flame of Fury

Gord’s magic power is increased by 75, movement speed +5% and +25 magic damage reduction

Blood Wings

Adds + 150 magic power

Mobile Legends is with more than 10 million downloads at the moment. So far, I have a great mobile gaming experience playing it. I have done a review about the game and some guides that will help you to be an MVP!



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