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How To Use Miya, Clint And Bruno Skills In Mobile Legends

Miya, Clint and Bruno are part of the Marksman class in Mobile Legends. Previously I have made a guide on how to use Tank, Fighter, Assassin and Mage class skills. Now I will make a guide for the Marksman class and their skills.

I have been playing Mobile Legends for a while now and I have to say that this is an awesome game. I love the playing style and I rock in Brawl Mode. So far, my favorite hero is Bane and it doesn’t cost too much to purchase him in the game. The heroes in Marksman class cost a lot more exp points.

Miya cost 10.800/399 diamonds, Clint’s price is 15.000/399 diamonds and Bruno is available for 15.000/399 diamonds. Experience points or diamonds can be won in Mobile Legends from winning matches in Match Up Mode, Ranked Game or in Brawl Mode. Each victory grants you a chest with exp points, battle points and items.

Marksman heroes are always the one at the front battle line, because they are offensive heroes who deal a lot of damage.

Miya or Moonlight Archer

Born in the Temple of the Moon where she practiced hard to improve her skill, so one day she becomes a sacrifice to the Moon God. Miya’s home was attacked by the humans and orcs. She then rose up and led her allies to defeat the enemies who disturb the peace in her home. Miya is an elf, who is forced together with her allies to make a last stand in the Temple of the Moon. She was praying to her Moon God for a salvation and then a miracle happened.

Her longbow was blessed with an ancient and powerful blessing. When she fired an arrow, an eagle spirit was created and split the enemy apart. Miya became the leader of the Moon Elves and led them to a victory. With the blessing from the Moon God, Miya decided to go to the Land of Dawn to bring the peace back to this world.


Miya’s physical attack is 114 and HP 2404. She is with 4 abilities, 1 passive and 3 casters. The passive skill is Turbo that grants her attack speed every time she hits a target. The attack speed will increase by 4%, will last for 3 seconds and stacks up to 10 times. Her first caster is Fission Shot. Everytime Miya casts this spell, she will fire two split arrows that deal 10 magic damage to the main target and 65% basic dmg to the second one. Rain of Arrows is when she blasts an area with arrows dealing 50 physical dmg for each hit. She causes 5 hits and slows the opponents. If the target receives 4 hits, it will be frozen for 1 second.

Her ult is Turbo Stealth. Miya uses this spell to remove all movement effects and become invisible for 1 second. Her attack speed is raised by 35% for 6 seconds and increases the movement speed for her and her allies by 45%. Try to hit the same target as many times you can, then use Miya’s ult to get closer to the enemy, then use the Rain of Arrows. Keep the Fission Shot for last, because it doesn’t do much, but will take 80 mana points, which you can use to cause higher dmg.

Miya skins in Mobile Legends are Moonlight Archer and Queen of Banshees

Clint aka Wasteland Drifter

No one ever heard about Clint before. No one knows where he comes from. But why he fights? There is no info about that as well. But what is known is that he is the only semblance of justice in Wastelands. Clint was never challenged to a fight because his enemies were scared of his guns and his reflexes.

Skills (Update below)

He is an offensive hero with 2500 HP and 8.1 attack speed. Marksman with 3 casters and 1 passive skill. Clint’s passive skill deals dmg twice with 45% physical dmg each time. Combo Shot is one of his casters where he fires 6 shots in a row and each shot deals 55 physical dmg. With Tuck n’ Roll skill, he rolls forward, throws a rope at an enemy, slows them and deals 180 dmg. Clint’s ult is Deadly Bloom. He goes in Crazed Gunman mode for 3 seconds and deals 170 dmg every 0.5 sec to enemies. This is my way of using his skills, first get closer to the enemy with Tuck n’ Roll, use his ult and then go for the Combo Shot. There is no enemy that can survive this combo.

UPDATE – Clint Skill Changes

  • Quick Draw – After you cast a spell the following basic attack will deal 120% damage. It takes 4 seconds
  • Blind Smoke – He throws a bomb in a specific area and all affected enemies all slow down by 55% with 25% attack rate reduce. He also deals 190 physical damage
  • Heel Rope – When casting this spell, Clint goes backward and then throws a rope that deals 160 physical dmg and slows the target
  • Howitzer – This is his ult. He can stack up to 2 grenades and throw them towards the enemy. Each grenade deals 230 physical dmg.

With the latest spell changes, Clint is not what he used to be anymore. For me, he was the best dmg dealer. But, we have to play along with all changes. What I think is a smart thing, to use his ult first. Then Blind Smoke and Heel Rope for last. In this order, Clint will not be into the “fire” but can still manage to get some kills. Using his ult first will grant additional 120% after 4 seconds with his passive skill. That’s a combo for me 🙂

Clint has 2 skins in Mobile Legends, Wasteland Drifter and Sun ‘n Sand.

Bruno The Protector

In his childhood, he was weaker than the other kids. But this doesn’t stop Bruno if improving himself. Unfortunately, he lost his legs in an accident and his friends decided to use the latest technology to make a new pair of legs for him. He was a brave young kid, with two metal legs and a wish to protect the City of Scholars. He receives an energy ball that works with his legs and since then no one ever tried to pass Eruditio borders.


A marksman with high movement speed and attack speed. His HP is 2402 and Bruno’s physical attack is 116. Every time Bruno receives a magic damage, he gains 4% critical strike, stacking up to 5 times. That is his passive skill, Mecha Legs. Volley Shot is one of his casters. Bruno kicks his energy ball at an enemy and deals 230 physical damage. He also slows the target by 55%. He tackles forward, stuns the enemy and deals 140 physical dmg with his Flying Tackle. Bruno’s ult is World Wave. He uses his energy ball to hit a target by dealing 250 physical dmg.  Then the ball ricochets between enemies. So, I use first his Volley Shot skill, then his Flying Tackle and ult for last. In this order the target will receive 620 dmg and will be in base respawning.

He is known as The Protector and Vanguard Elite.

I have played with all 3 Marksman heroes and the best of them all is Miya. And I have to say that I love elves 🙂

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