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Clint Build Guide In Mobile Legends

Clint, a hero from Mobile Legends and part of the Marksman class. A very mobile and offensive hero, which can get the MVP medal with the perfect build guide.

Clint is the fastest hero from his class, with movement speed 2.48 and highest physical attack of 122. The following build increases the power of his six-shooters. Clint deals massive dmg and the bullets get into his enemies foreheads before they had time to blink. His passive skill is Two-Fisted, followed with 3 casters Combo Shot, Tuck n’ Roll and Deadly Bloom. For full skills list and how to use them, you can check it out here.

UPDATE: Due to Clint’s skills change

  • Quick Draw – After you cast a spell the following basic attack will deal 120% damage. It takes 4 seconds
  • Blind Smoke – He throws a bomb in a specific area and all affected enemies all slow down by 55% with 25% attack rate reduce. He also deals 190 physical damage
  • Heel Rope – When casting this spell, Clint goes backward and then throws a rope that deals 160 physical dmg and slows the target
  • Howitzer – This is his ult. He can stack up to 2 grenades and throw them towards the enemy. Each grenade deals 230 physical dmg.

Clint Build Guide

Using this build guide will grant Clint more physical attack, lifesteal, attack speed, movement speed and critical strike.

Endless Battle

Clint gets an extra physical attack, HP, mana and lifesteal. Also, this item grants him additional 70% true damage. At the same time, it increases his movement speed.

Swift Boots

This item will give you +15% attack speed.


Clint’s attack speed will be increased by 30%, his movement speed +8% and will add 20% to critical strike.

Wind Chaser

+60 physical attack.

Berserker’s Fury

+20% chance for a critical strike and adds +75 physical attack.

Blade of Despair

Finally, get him this item that will increase his physical attack +130, his movement speed by +25% and Clint’s critical strike chance by 10%.

If you want this build guide to work, here is the right order of purchase. Thor’s Sting, Swift Boots, Blade of Destruction, Blade of Despair, Endless Battle and Wind Chaser.

I just played with Clint and tried 4 different builds, but none of them gives Clint the perfect dmg and attack speed. With this build guide, you will be surprised what Clint can do.

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