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Mobile Legends Chou Build Guide

Chou or the Kung Fu Boy is the latest hero to join Mobile Legends. It is not free to play, so you have to purchase him with BP or diamonds.

He comes from a poor place, but his heart is full of love and kindness. A long time ago Chou saved a monk. Because of his kindness, the monk grants him the power of ancient Asian Kung-Fu, which Chou uses until today to keep the peace in the world.

Chou Build Guide

Playing with this hero, I realized that he is very offensive, fast and hard to defeat. He uses his passive skill, Only Fast, which increases his damage every time he passes 8 yards. In addition he also stuns the enemy. His caster spells are Jeet Kune Do, Shunpo and The Way of the Dragon. Every caster deals high physical damage and the enemy is in the base, respawning 🙂 To be even better, just follow the build guide below and get him the perfect gear.

Blade of the 7 Seas

Adds +65 physical damage, +300 HP and +20% attack speed

Warrior Boots

Increases his armor for +22 and adds +40 to his movement speed

Blade of Despair

Chou’s physical attack is increased for +130, his attack speed gets additional 25% and the critical strike chance is 10% more.

Wings of Apocalypse Queen

Adds +15 physical attack and +770 HP


Attack speed by 25%, movement speed increase by 20 pts and 20% critical strike chance

Heart of Steel

Adds +880 HP, +30 armor and +35 HP regeneration

This guide is with 3 attack gear items, 2 defense and 1 item for his movement speed.

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