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Mobile Legends Eudora Build Guide

As promised, today I will make a build guide for Eudora. So hold on the Thunder and find out more about Eudora’s gear below.

She is a Mage hero, that uses her Thunder powers to eliminate enemies. Even when she was young she “shocked” her teachers. Eudora mastered her skills very fast and took a journey to the Land of Dawn. You already know her skills, but if you are wondering “how to use Eudora skills”, click here and find out more.

Eudora Build Guide

The following gear set for Eudora will increase her magic power, mana regeneration, movement speed, HP and her attack speed. This guide is made with 5 magic gear items and 1 movement item. If you have any other thought on how to play with Eudora, please let me know in the comments below.


This item increases her magic power +75, her mana regeneration +15 and also increases Eudora’s movement speed +7%

Enchanted Talisman

Adds +55 magic power, +400 HP, and +20% cooldown reduction. It restores 20% for Eudora every 10 seconds.

Magic Shoes

Her movement speed increases +40 points and the cooldown reduction +10%

Feather of Heaven

Adds +40 magic power and increases her attack speed +30%

Blood Wings

Increases Eudora’s magic power by massive 150 points

Guardian Relic

I call this item late game item. Here is the catch. If you are playing against Yun Zhao, he will eliminate you before you even blink, but having this item will increase Eudora’s magic attack by 15% and magic power +90. Believe me, he will be gone in just a second. Also, make sure you pick the Magic Emblem set!

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