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Mobile Legends Alucard Build Guide

When it comes down to Alucard in Mobile Legends, you need to have the right build guide. A lot of fans will say, Alucard doesn’t need any special items for ACE state, but if you are asking me, it does matter.

Alucard is a fighter hero in the game, with high HP points and HP regeneration. The following build guide increases his attack speed, movement speed, critical strike chance, armor and HP.

Alucard Build Guide

Alucard is using 4 spells, one passive and three casters. If you want to see a full coverage on how to use Alucard skills, click here and find out. Besides the skills, as already mentioned above, you need to have the right build guide. The items below are the ones I find the most important for winning in a battle. Check the UPDATE below.

Thor’s Sting

Adds +30% attack speed, +8% movement speed, +20% chance for critical strike

Warrior Boots

The boots add +22 to his armor and +40 movement speed.

Fallen Sword

Alucard’s physical attack is increased for +45, his attack speed +30% and +10% lifesteal

Demon’s Advent

Adds +920 HP and +54 armor

Wind Chaser

He gets +60 physical attack


Alucard resurrects 2 seconds after dying with 15% HP and a shield that absorbs damage equal to 40% max HP. This item grants him additional 800 HP points and +40 magic resistance


The power of Alucard using the build guide below. This is so far my best result in MLBB, 10 wins in a row in Ranked Game, using only Alucard.

I have some other build guide that you can use as well. This one is great as well, and will grant you MVP title for sure! See the image below with 17/1/3 score.

  • Blade of the 7 Seas – Increase Alucard’s physical attack, HP and attack speed. A great starter item.
  • Warrior Boots – Adds 22 armor and increase the hero movement speed.
  • Haas’s Claws – Grants lifesteal.
  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen – This item goes as a combo with Haas’s Claws. Grants insane lifesteal.
  • Wind Chaser – Increase Alucard’s physical attack and adds 40% physical penetration.
  • Berserker’s Fury – To be honest, a lot of players are using critical as a starter item. Yes, that does work great, but try not to focus on critical at the beggining. Therefore, I’m choosing critical for last.
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